Belp parish, Bern, Switzerland

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Guide to Belp parish, Bern, Switzerland ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.



Place Names

Municipalities within Belp

Gemeinden or Municipalities

Surrounding Parishes


Church Records

(see here for an article describing the Bern Church records)

The parish registers for Belp were recorded in the following volumes, as numbered by the Cantonal Archive of Bern:

Volume Description Time period Link to records Index Film
K1 Taufrodel 1549-1579 here
K2 Taufrodel 1579-1605 here
K3 Taufrodel III 1612-1696 here
K3 Taufrodel III auswärts Getaufte 1684-1696 here
K4 Taufrodel IV 1697-1741 here
K4 Taufrodel IV auswärts Getaufte 1673-1754 here
K5 Taufrodel V 1741-1765 here
K6 Taufrodel VI 1766-1794 here
K7 Taufrodel VII 1794-1821 here
K8 Taufrodel VIII 1822-1844 here
K9 Taufrodel 1845-1862 here 2041440 #2
K10 Taufrodel 1862-1875 here
K11 Taufrodel auswärts Getaufte VIIb 1754-1875 here
Volume Description Time period Link to records Index Film
K1 Eherodel 1549-1579 here
K2 Eherodel 1579-1605 here
K3 Eherodel III 1606-1696 here
K4 Eherodel IV 1697-1741 here
K5 Eherodel V 1741-1751 here
K12 Eherodel 6 1752-1803 here
K13 Eherodel VII 1804-1844 here
K14 Eherodel 1845-1875 here
Volume Description Time period Link to records Index Film
K4 Totenrodel IV 1728-1740 here
K5 Totenrodel V 1741-1751 here
K15 Totenrodel 1752-1803 here
K16 Totenrodel 1804-1844 here
K17 Totenrodel 1845-1875 here
Volume Description Time period Link to records Index Film
K3 Kommunikantenrodel 1664-1669 here
K4 Kommunikantenrodel 1700-1740 here
K5 Kommunikantenrodel 1741-1751 here
K1 Pfrundurbar 1572-1579 here
K2 Pfrundurbar und Mandate 1579-1596 here
K5 Pfrundurbar 1741 here
K13 Einzugsgelder-Rodel 1823-1842 here


(see here for article describing Swiss compiled genealogies)

The following genealogies have been researched for Belp families:

Civil Registration


The following surnames held citizenship in Belp prior to 1875:

Related Sources

The town's website (in German) can be found here.

Societies and Libraries

Cantonal Archive of Bern


Register of Swiss Surnames

Historical Gazetteer of Switzerland