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This may not be the place to report a problem with a Catalog page but someone with the tech expertise does need to check it out and I don't think my attempts to get the problem to the attention of the right folks have been very successful: History Library

On the catalog page for Virginia, it's listed under Taxation, "The personal property tax lists for the year 1787 [for Virginia]". Volumes 1 through 5 have a digital version available for viewing; however, these links do not work. The first 3 give an error message, the last 2 lead to a strange login page, and when you plug in your username and password, it goes into some sort of weird endless loop of "Login" and "Delivery." Seriously, very bizarre. The login was not the usual screen, it has a field for Username and Password, and the last box is named Institute; the default in the drop-down box is "Aleph Prod Public Login".

I passed this problem on via Live Chat about a week ago and a case was opened (#00202357), but the response I got from Support several days later suggests that they misunderstood the problem.