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Histories and Tidbits

Laid out and erected as a town by Act of Assembly in 1742 “there being as yet no such place settled at, or near the head of Chesapeake Bay.” George Washington records many visits to Charlestown in his diary. He lodged here August 10, 1795 and September 9, 1795. —Historical Marker Map (db m1685)

Captain Michael Rudulph
During Revolutionary War this daring officer commanded Cecil County troop of Lee’s Legion, the Calvary of Lieutenant Colonel Henry (Lighthorse Harry) Lee. Near here in 1778 Rudulph is said to have led squad disguised as poultry peddlers who boarded and captured British Man-of-War blockading the Port of Charlestown. His cousin, Major John (Fighting Jack) Rudulph also served with distinction in Lee’s Legion. — Historical Marker Map (db m1689)

Lt. Col. Nathaniel Ramsay
Member of Council of Safety and Courageous Officer of the Maryland Line in Revolutionary War, native of Pennsylvania, Princeton Graduate (1767) and lawyer. He settled in brick house near this site after his marriage in 1771 to Margaret Jean Peale. In 1775 he and his brother-in-law, famed portrait painter and inventor Charles Wilson Peale, conducted experiments here in manufacturing of gunpowder. Serving under Washington in 1778, Ramsay was wounded at Monmouth, New Jersey, and taken prisoner by . . . — Historical Marker Map (db m1687)

Site of Charlestown Wharf
Stone wharf and warehouse were built here by Decree of General Assembly in 1744. Remains of wharf can be seen. Officer’s chests left behind by two Companies of Royal American Regiment quartered in winter of 1756-1757 were auctioned by town commissioners circa 1759. During Revolutionary War this was major supply depot for American armies. In 1813 British troops destroyed earthworks built to guard wharf and town. — Historical Marker Map(db m1688)

Susquehanna Manor — (New Connaught Manor)
32000 acres granted to George Talbot with Right of Court Baron and Court Leet, June 11, 1680. — Historical Marker Map (db m1748)

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