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*   8 October (Saturday): American – Introduction and Navigational Overview     * Presenter: Jenny Hoskins
* 22 October (Saturday): Research Techniques – Newspaper Sites and Stories&nbsp     * Presenter: Gale Myers
* 29 October (Saturday): Tools - Photo Restoration with Photoshop Elements            * Presenter: Betsy Grovenburg
*   5 November (Saturday): 2016 Family History Fair will be held 5 November at the C21 Library
* 12 November (Saturday): From Storage Box to Storybook                                      * Presenter: Parris Neal

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  LOCATION: 8710 Lexington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 USA

Family History Discovery CENTER TELEPHONE:     (719) 534-9621

      Colorado Springs Colorado North Family                   History Discovery Center

    The Colorado Springs North Family History Discovery Center has 12 desk top computer stations in the main training and research areas. All Family History Discovery Center computers have Internet access. The training and research areas accommodates hands-on instruction. Personal laptops can also be connected to the Internet. Many helpful research resources are available from the desktop of the computers and include free use of many subscription web sites (i.e., use of popular data management programs, and direct Internet links to other resources.

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  The latest Colorado Springs Colorado North Family History Discovery Center newsletters:

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