Community Meeting Agenda 9 March 2010

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Click here to join live or to listen to the recording, the ID is 6560




Discussion Items


Laralee (Guest): no agenda is displaying yet

Christopher Lake: All I'm getting is a grey screen.

cottrells (Guest):

cottrells (Guest):

Above was concerning the new skin that is shown in the Alpha site. The question was posed as to when we would be getting the new skin. It was suggested to post this question to the forum so the right people can answer it.

Guest (Guest): looks like i am a nobody now because it is not showing dsammy

It is unknown why it is showing as Guest instead of with a user. One may guess it may have something to do with how Sammy logged in. Most either get in by signing in or else by entering their displayed name.

Laralee (Guest): how are those Sunday meetings going?

Kara mentioned they are small groups at this time, but believes they are very helpful and will take off. They are facilitated by a different person each time. They are currently using Skype for the meeting, but are considering alternatives. It has been brought up that more than one GenHelp user exists and also concern over entering Skype user in a discussion page is not very private.

Guest (Guest): there is a situation to resolve quickly but that sign in is messing with my user id in wiki preventing me from editing to add to agenda

Forum thread exists as noted two comments below.

Guest (Guest):

The notation indicating it is accessible by members of the LDS Church is the question. This really is for the FamilySearch Catalog people and would probably be best in the forums. They are the only ones that can modify the FamilySearch Catalog entries. It is guessed that this is this way due to copyright or contractual agreements.

Guest (Guest):

Forum thread concerning user name.

cottrells (Guest):

Site mentioning the LDS account and non-LDS account.

Guest (Guest): is my long time page but you are being rrouted to this instead because of beta change in new

Related to user name question.