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Ireland Gotoarrow.png Counties of Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Donegal Gotoarrow.png County Donegal Civil Parishes

  • A map of civil parishes of County Donegal with links to townland maps for each parish is available at freepages on RootsWeb.
  • A map of the Civil Parishes of County Donegal is available at Irish Times site.
  • A map of the Catholic Parishes of County Donegal is available at the Irish Times site. 

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1] Townland maps
Aghanunshin Kilmacrenan Letterkenny Aghanunshin Raphoe Aghanunshin, Donegal
Allsaints Raphoe Letterkenny All Saints, Raymoghy, and Taughboyne
All Saints Donegal
Allsaints Raphoe Londonderry
Aughnish Kilmacrenan Letterkenny Aughnish
Aughnish, Donegal
Aughnish Kilmacrenan Millford
Burt Inishowen West Londonderry Burt, Inch, and Fahan Derry Burt, Donegal
Clonca Inishowen East Inishowen Malin Derry Clonca, Donegal
Clondahorky Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy Dunfanaghy Raphoe Clondahorky, Donegal
Clondavaddog Kilmacrenan Millford Clondavaddog Raphoe Clondavaddog, Donegal
Clonea Inishowen East Inishowen Clonleigh
Clonea Inishowen West Inishowen
Clonleigh Raphoe Strabane Cloneigh Derry Clonleigh, Donegal
Clonmany Inishowen East Inishowen Clonmany
Clonmany, Donegal
Clonmany Inishowen West Inishowen
Conwal Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Conwal and Leck


Conwal, Donegal
Conwal Kilmacrenan Millford
Conwal Kilmacrenan Stranorlar
Conwal Raphoe Letterkenny
Conwal Raphoe Stranorlar
Convoy Raphoe Stranorlar Raphoe Raphoe Convoy, Donegal
Culdaff Inishowen East Inishowen Culdaff Derry Culdaff, Donegal
Desertegny Inishowen West Inishowen Buncrana Derry Desertegny, Donegal
Donagh Inishowen East Inishowen Carndonagh or Donagh Derry Donagh, Donegal
Donaghmore Raphoe Strabane Donaghmore
Donaghmore, Donegal
Donaghmore Raphoe Stranorlar
Donegal Tirhugh Donegal Donegal Raphoe Donegal, Donegal
Drumhome Tirhugh Ballyshannon Drumhome
Drumhome, Donegal
Drumhome Tirhugh Donegal
Fahan Lower Inishowen West Inishowen Buncrana Derry Fahan Lower, Donegal
Fahan Upper Inishowen West Londonderry Burt, Inch, and Fahan Derry Fahan Upper, Donegal
Gartan Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy Termon and Gartan
Gartan, Donegal
Gartan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Glencolumbkille Banagh Glenties Glencolumbbkile Raphoe Glencolumbkille, Donegal
Inch Inishowen West Londonderry Burt, Inch, and Fahan Derry Inch, Donegal
Inishkeel Banagh Glenties Glenties
Inishkeel, Donegal
Inishkeel Boylagh Glenties
Inishmacsaint Tirhugh Ballyshannon Inishmacsaint; part of Derrygonnelly Clogher Inishmacsaint, Donegal
Inver Banagh Donegal Inver Raphoe Inver, Donegal
Kilbarron Tirhugh Ballyshannon Kilbarron
Kilbarron, Donegal
Kilbarron Tirhugh Glenties
Kilcar Banagh Glenties Kilcar Raphoe Kilcar, Donegal
Killaghtee Banagh Donegal Killybegs and Killaghtee
Killaghtee, Donegal
Killaghtee Banagh Glenties
Killea Raphoe Londonderry All Saints, Raymoghy, and Taughboyne Raphoe Killea, Donegal
Killybegs Lower Banagh Glenties Ardara
Killybegs Lower, Donegal
Killybegs Lower Boylagh Glenties
Killybegs Upper Banagh Glenties Killybegs and Killaghtee Raphoe Killybegs Upper, Donegal
Killygarvan Kilmacrenan Millford Killygarven Raphoe Killygarvan, Donegal
Killymard Banagh Donegal Killymard Raphoe Killymard, Donegal
Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy Kilmacrenan
Kilmacrenan, Donegal
Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny
Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Millford
Kilteevoge Raphoe Stranorlar Kilteevoge Raphoe Kilteevoge, Donegal
Leck Raphoe Letterkenny Conwal and Leck Raphoe Leck, Donegal
Lettermacaward Boylagh Glenties Lettermacaward Raphoe Lettermacaward, Donegal
Mevagh Kilmacrenan Millford Mevagh Raphoe Mevagh, Donegal
Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Inishowen West Inishowen Buncrana Derry Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch
Mountcharles Banagh Donegal
Moville Lower Inishowen East Inishowen Moville Lower Derry Moville Lower, Donegal
Moville Upper Inishowen East Inishowen Iskaheen and Molville Upper Derry Moville Upper, Donegal
Muff Inishowen West Inishowen Iskaheen
Muff, Donegal
Muff Inishowen West Londonderry
Raphoe Raphoe Letterkenny Raphoe
Raphoe, Donegal
Raphoe Raphoe Strabane
Raphoe Raphoe Stranorlar
Raymoghy Raphoe Letterkenny All Saints, Raymoghy, and Taughboyne
Raymoghy, Donegal
Raymoghy Raphoe Londonderry
Raymoghy Raphoe Strabane
Raymunterdoney Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy part Clondahorky; part Tullaghobegley Raphoe Raymunterdoney, Donegal
Rossory Banagh Enniskillen
Stranorlar Raphoe Stranorlar Stranorlar Raphoe Stranorlar, Donegal
Taughboyne Raphoe Londonderry All Saints, Raymoughy, and Taughboyne Raphoe Taughboyne, Donegal
Taughboyne Raphoe Strabane
Templecarn Tirhugh Donegal Pettigo Raphoe Templecarn, Donegal
Templcrone Boylagh Glenties Dungloe Raphoe Templecrone, Donegal
Tullaghobegly Kilmacrenan Dunfanaghy Tullaghbegley East and Raymunterdoney; Tullaghbegley West Raphoe Tullaghobegly, Donegal
Tullyfern Kilmacrenan Millford Killgarven Raphoe Tullyfern, Donegal
Urney Raphoe Strabane Urney Derry Urney, Donegal
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