Danish Genealogical Words beginning with D

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Danish English
dag, dage day, days
dagleje day work
daglejer day worker
dal valley
Danmark Denmark
dansk danish
dato date
datter daughter
datterdatter daughter’s daughter
dattersøn daughter’s son
datum (Latin) date, given
de they, those, the
December December
defunctus est (Latin) he died
degn parish clerk, deacon
degnen the parish clerk, deacon
del part
del af samling part of collection
deling distribution
dem them
den, det the, it, that
denne this
denunciatio (Latin) publication of marriage, banns
der those, who, which, that
deres theirs, yours
derfor therefore
det it, that, the
det vil sige that is (to say), (in other words)
dette this
dies (diei) (Latin) day
difteritis diphtheria
din, dit your, yours
disse these
ditto ditto, the same
dom abrev. dominica
dommer judge
domhus court, law-courts, house
dominica the Lords day, Sunday, sabbath
domkirke cathedral
dr.(dreng) abreviation for dreng (boy)
drager porter, carrier
dragon a dragoon (a member of a military unit composed of heavily armed mounted troops)
dranker drunkard
dreier, drejer turner-lathe, lathe operator, turner
dreier-keramisk thrower-ceramic
dreng boy
drengebarn male child
drengen the boy
dronning queen
druknet drowned
dysenteri dysentery
døbt christened, baptized
død dead, deceased
døde deceased, died
døden the death
dødfødt stillborn
dødsattest certificate of death
dødsdag day of death
dødsfald death
dødsaarsag cause of death
døtre daughters
døv deaf
døvstum deaf and dumb
daab christening, baptism
daaben the christening