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The official Church of Denmark is Evangelical Lutheran which is stated in the 4th paragraph of the Danish Constitution. Religion plays a role in the lives of the Danish during events such as births and deaths. But like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is largely secularized, and with the exceptions of occasions such as births and deaths, religion does not play a large part in public life. Still, approximately 80-85% of Danes are members of the Church of Denmark with about 5% of Evangelical Lutherans attending weekly services. In Copenhagen, around 66% of the population is counted among the church membership. Roughly 13% do not adhere to any particular religious belief.[1]

Religious freedom is strong in Denmark and many faiths can be found there. In addition to the Church of Denmark, 3% of the population is Roman Catholic and 2% are Muslim. [2] A small percentage adheres to the Old Norse religion which was established in the Middle Ages by the Vikings.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints holds a membership of approximately 4,376 members in 23 congregation.

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