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Histories and Tidbits

Historic Landmarks

  • Bohemia — Formerly Milligan Hall Home of George Milligan (1720–1783), Scotch trader, purchased from his son, Robert, by Louis McLane (1784–1857) who represented Delaware in the United States House and Senate, was Minister to Great Britain, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, and President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. • Not open to the public. — Map (db m1568)
  • Cherry Grove  - Ancestral home of the DeVeazie (Veazey) family; patented to John Veazey circa 1670. His descendant, Colonel Thomas Ward Veazey defended Duffy’s Fort, Fredericktown, from the British fleet May 5, 1813, and served as Governor of Maryland, 1836–1839. He is buried here in the family graveyard with his three wives. Not open to the public. — Map (db m1705)
  • Essex Lodge  - Granted to Samuel Brocus, whose daughter Susannah married, circa 1700, Edward Veazey. Their son, Colonel John Veazey, Sr., was Chief Military Officer of Cecil County and a Justice and Judge for 22 years. His eldest son, Edward, was High Sheriff of Cecil County, 1732-1753; his fourth son, Dr. Thomas Brocus Veazey, inherited from him Essex Lodge and married the daughter of Reverend William Thompson, Rector of St. Stephen's Church. Not open to the public. — Map (db m1703)
  • Hazelmore  - Land originally granted to Phillip Calvert, Chancellor of Maryland, and wife, Anne, in 1658. Richard Low, gentleman of Virginia, purchased tract known as "Hazelmore" and adjacent land "The Grove" in 1665. Bought by Abraham Wild, trader and mariner of England, in 1670. Edward Warner, of London, purchased plantation in 1701 and gave to son Richard in 1722. Now a private community known as Hazelmoor that originated from the Chesapeake Land Improvement Company. — Map (db m19448)
  • Mount Harmon Plantation — Tobacco Prize House and Wharf Originally owned by Godfrey Harmon, then by James Paul Heath; subsequent to 1760 the home of James Louttit, Sr. and Jr., and Sidney George, Jr., Patriots. Vestrymen on St. Stephen’s Church, and contributors, 1782, to the original endowment of Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland. — Map (db m1698)
  • Mount Pleasant - Built by Dr. John Thompson Veasey, 1825, “of Mount Harmon” as he was known, who, with Colonel Thomas Ward Veasey assisted in the defense of Duffy’s Fort, 1813. He was a greatnephew of George Ross, signer of the Declaration of Independence. His son, Thomas Brocus Veasey, was captured and shot by Cubans during the Lopez Expedition, 1851. Not open to the public. — Map (db m1699)
  • North Sassafras Parish — (Episcopal) Established by Act of Assembly in 1692. The first vestry met January 10, 1693 in the Court House at Ordinary Point. The Parish Church was “dedicated to the honor of Saint Stephen”, March 25, 1706. Rebuilt 1737, 1823 and 1873. — Map (db m1701)
  • Rose Hill - Home of General Thomas Marsh Forman (1758–1845), Aide to General William Alexander, known as Lord Stirling, and a representative in the General Assembly, 1790 and 1800. He served with Major George Armistead, Fort McHenry, 1814. A later owner, William Ward, represented Cecil County in the General Assembly, 1875, and married Charlotte Ringgold Knight of Essex Lodge. Not open to the public. — Map (db m1697)
  • St. Francis Xavier Church — “Old Bohemia” 2 Miles → Founded 1704 by Rev. Thomas Mansell, S.J., one of the earliest permanent Catholic establishments in the English Colonies. Bohemia Academy Founded 1745 by Rev. Thomas Pulton, S.J. attended by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signed of the Declaration of Independence, and his cousin John Carroll, first Catholic Bishop in the U.S. — Map (db m1572)
  • The Anchorage - Home of the Lusbys in the early 1700’s. Ruth Lusby and Commodore Jacob Jones married in 1821. Made the Anchorage their home and enlarged it in 1835. Jones served on the “Philadelphia” when it ran aground at Tripoli and commanded the sloop “Wasp” during the War of 1812. — Map (db m1567)
  • Woodlawn — Formerly "Neighbour’s Grudge" - The 305 acre farm of William Ward. He gave a tract called “North Levell” on which stands St. Stephen’s Church. His descendant, Henry Veazey Ward, was Consul General for the Republic of Chile. Another, Juliana Veazey Ward, married Dr. George Read Pearce on “Pearce’s Neck,” grandson of George Read, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Not open to the public. — Map (db m1696)

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  • St. Paul's Methodist Church MSA S 1512-2031 00/59/06/47
  • St. Stephen's Church Earleville, MD CE MSA SC 2507

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