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Project Name:England, Kent, Bishop's Transcripts, 1560-1904 - DB

Project Owner: Heather Walgren,, 801-240-9458

Alternative Contacts: Katie Watson,, 801-240-4458 Caleb Pusey,, 801-240-2592

Project Completion Deadline: February 15, 2012


  • Go to “File,” “Open Project,” and select “England, Kent, Bishop's Transcripts, 1560-1904 - DB” from the list on the Waypointing Wiki page from the drop-down menu, then click “OK.”
  • Locate and mark any camera operator, focus images or title boards as “Administrative.”
  • The Consolidated Form for this project has five fields:
  1. County – This item should be Kent. The county name will always appear as such. However, if you find a different county listed please mark all images in that item as administrative, and contact the project owner.
  2. Name of Parish – The name of the parish can be found in the record or on the title boards. Often, the name of the parish will be the name of the town. However, in localities with more than one parish the name of the church is added to the name of the town to form the parish name. Please enter what is listed in the record.
  3. Event/s type – This collection will contain a combination of births, baptisms, marriage banns, marriages, deaths and burials. The event type can be found in the records or on the title boards. Please make sure to list all event types in the records.
  4. Year Range – Waypoints should be on a volume or item level. Please format your dates as First Year dash Last Year, without spaces and using all four digits of the year (ex. 1813-1844).
  5. Volume Number – Most volumes will not include a volume number. In these cases leave this field blank. If an item you are waypointing does have a volume number listed on the book cover/binding or in the title pages please note this number or letter in the volume number field.

Due to privacy laws, we will not publish baptisms or christenings after 1911 and marriages/banns after 1936. If you encounter an item that includes christening/baptism or marriage/banns dates after these cutoff dates, please create two waypoints for the item listing all dates before the cutoff in one waypoint and all entries after the cutoff date in a second waypoint. If the break between publishable and non publishable dates occurs one the same image include that image in both waypoints.

  • Once the consolidated form is complete, highlight the item it applies to and click “New.”
  • Repeat this process until all items have been Waypointed with their own Consolidated Form.
  • When you are confident that all waypoints are correct, click “Finish.” A new folder should load, or you can start with step 1 of these instructions to open a new folder.
  • When you have finished your first folder, please send an email to Heather or Katie, so they can audit your work and give feedback on any issues they find.

Helpful Tips

If you encounter an item on your film that does not relate to Church of England records please mark that all of the images in that item as administrative as they will not be published as part of this collection. If you need to block an item please send an email or call Heather to let her know and reference the DGS number of that folder (located in the blue bar at the top of the Waypointing tool).

Occasionally the information on the film notes will not match the images that are on the film. If this is the case, please use the information from the images, not the film notes. If you have any questions regarding this project please contact the project owner or one of the alternate contacts.