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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course English: Court Records-Criminal, Civil and Ecclesiastical  by Dr. Penelope Christensen. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Parish Officers

Appointments of parish officials, as well as scrutiny of their reports and their accounts fell to the county clerk and magistrates.

All adult males took their turn as unpaid parish officers, and were reimbursed for expenses. An important advantage to holding such an office for a year was that it conferred the right of settlement in the parish, and the holder could not be evicted later if he fell on hard times.

Berkshire Quarter Sessions 1795 Film 0088145
John Elisha of Shinfield, farmer, is appointed one of the Chief
Constables of the Hundred of Charlton in the room of [taking over
from] Thomas Toms.

Kingston, Surrey Quarter Sessions 1793 Film 0993053
Persons qualified to serve the office of Tithingman for the parish of Windlesham in the stead of James Lane.

Joseph Chapman - shopkeeper
Richard Dale - carpenter
Edward Hammond - yeoman

Bromley Petty Sessions 3rd May 1784
Present: John Cator esq., Benj. Harene esq.
Film 2145577

The persons whose names are hereunder written were appointed
Overseers of the Poor of the respective parishes under which they are hereafter named (viz)

Bromley Keston St. Pauls Cray
Willm Lascoe John Wiffen Phillip Mosyer
George Shorter Thos Chapman Edwd Everest

St. Mary Cray
William Langlands
Willm Bath
Chrisr Farrant
George Barringer
Will: Spencer
Thos Chapman

West Wickham
John Hills
Edwd Hudson
John Glover
Edwd Everet
John Cooper
Wm Youmans

James Collins
William Burr
Bathw Jackson
Willm Firminger
William Phipps
Anthy Crane

North Cray
John Bannister
John Smith
Robt Woodmass
Robt Eves
Edwd Elliott
John Curteis


Geo: Whiffen
Stephen Brooker

Stephen Cook
Saml Rush esq.
Parish Officers’ Reports Faversham Borough Session Files Film 1851039
October 14 1794
John Benstead made diligent survey of meats and found them sweat and good for mans body and not very fatt at times in the market
Presenter of Butchers John Benstead.

Wee the Ale Conners have made sirch and found on Sep 11 at the
House of Wm Feakens at the Flowerdeluce, the Bear [sic - beer]
very week stale and thick, not fit for the body of men.
Likewise in Sep 12 at the House of Wm Black at the Herliquin the
bear was so week thick and sower wee could not drinck it at all.
Heny Anderson, Thos Haywood X his mark

October 23 1784
The Presenter of West Street having a complaint made to him by
Mr Richd Spratbrow that road before his door being raised so high
when it rains causeth the filth to drean in to the well which makes
it unfit for serves. Thos Sibon junior.

Roads and Bridges

Sessions records contain matters relating to the creation and maintenance of the main roads and bridges.

Berkshire Quarter Sessions 1799 Film 0088145
Philip Mate of Thatcham, keeper of a turnpike gate fined 40/- for
taking a greater toll than he was authorized.

Essex Quarter Sessions 1827 Film 0853352
It is ordered by the Court that the treasurers of this County or one
of them do pay to Mr Matthew Gardner the sum of seventeen
pounds fourteen shillings and six pence being the amount of his
late Bill for repairing the Bridge called Long Bridge situate in
Little Coggeshall in the said County, which Bill hath been now
produced to and allowed by this Court.


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