English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames Hi-Hy

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Hiatt Hyatt
Hibb Nibb
Hibbard Hubbard
Hibbin Hibben
Hiccabottom Iccabottom
Hick Hicks
Hickcock Hitchcock
Hickcock Hutchcock
Hickes Hicket
Hickes Hicks
Hickett Higatt
Hicks Higgs
Hickson Hixson
Hidson Hudson
Hieatt Hiatt
Hield Hied
Hiends Hines
Higday Hickdy
Higgenbottom Higginbotham
Higgens Higgins
Higginburtham Higgenburtham
Higgins Hibbings
Higgins Higgans
Higgins Huggins
Higgins Hogan
Higgins Eagan
Higgs Higs
Higgs Hicks
Highley Higley
Hightman Hideman
Higlett Higgett
Hignes Haynes
Hiham Hyan
Hike Hake
Hilby Hillby
Hillair Hilliar
Hilland Hyland
Hillhouse Hillers
Hilliar Hillier
Hilliar Hillyard
Hillier Hellier
Hillier Hiller
Hillman Helman
Hills Hill
Hilton Hillton
Himley Hemley
Hinchin Hinchen
Hinckn Hincken
Hincock Hindcock
Hind Hine
Hinde Hind
Hindes Hine
Hindle Hinde
Hindley Hendley
Hinds Hines
Hines Hins
Hines Haynes
Hines Haines
Hingston Hinston
Hinkley Hinckley
Hinkson Hickson
Hinloch Hinlock
Hinshey Hinchy
Hinton Henton
Hipseley Hipsley
Hipworth Hepworth
Hird Herd
Hirks Harkes
Hirons Hierons
Hirons Hiorns
Hitchen Hitchin
Hitchin Hitchings
Hitchins Hutchins
Hitchins Hichins
Hix Hicks
Hizard Hizzard
Hoad Hoad
Hoadley Hoadlee
Hoar Hoare
Hobart Hubbard
Hobbes Hobbs
Hobbs Obbs
Hobbs Hobs
Hobken Hopkin
Hobrook Holbrook
Hobs Hobbs
Hoburg Hobourg
Hobyn Hobin
Hockday Hockaday
Hocker Hocquard
Hocker Oaker
Hockey Hockley
Hocking Hawkins
Hockings Hawkins
Hockley Hockleigh
Hocquard Hoquard
Hoddel Hoddle
Hodge Hodges
Hodgers Odger
Hodges Hogges
Hodges Hodes
Hodgins Hodgson
Hodgkins Hodkins
Hodgkinson Hodkinson
Hodgshon Hodgson
Hodgson Hodsden
Hodgson Hutchins
Hodgson Hodson
Hodgson Hutchinson
Hodgson Hudson
Hodgston Hodgson
Hudson Hodking
Hodson Hudson
Hody Huddy
Hoey Hoy
Hog Hogg
Hogan Hoggan
Hogan Hogon
Hogarth Hoggarth
Hoges Hodges
Hogg Hog
Hoggart Hogarth
Hoggett Hagget
Hogsflesh Hogsfleeth
Hoker Oaker
Holbeche Holbeeche
Holbourn Holburn
Holbrook Holbrooke
Holburn Holborn
Holcroft Holcraft
Holdbrook Holbrook
Holdby Holby
Holdby Olby
Holden Haldon
Holden Holding
Holder Holden
Holeman Holman
Holestar Holester
Holford Halford
Holiday Holliday
Holl Holle
Holland Hollen
Holland Holand
Hollaway Holloway
Hollely Hollily
Hollendale Hollingdale
Holles Hollis
Hollessy Hollesy
Hollewood Hollowood
Holley Holly
Holley Olley
Holley Hollely
Holliday Haliday
Hollier Hollyer
Hollihar Hollihan
Hollingsworth Hollingworth
Hollinworth Hollingworth
Hollond Holond
Holloway Holoway
Hollowday Holway
Hollowday Holliday
Hollox Hollocks
Hollox Hallox
Hollyday Hollidy
Hollysy Hollesy
Holman Holdman
Holmes Holms
Holmes Homes
Holmes Hallum
Holmested Holmsted
Holmgren Holmgreen
Holmon Hulman
Holms Holmes
Holroyd Horoyd
Holstein Holsten
Holtham Haltham
Holton Horton
Holy Holey
Holyoake Hollyoake
Homan Holiman
Homan Homon
Homaster Hamaster
Home Hewme
Homes Holmes
Honberg Horenburg
Honeyman Honyman
Honeyman Hunninman
Honns Hans
Honnywell Huneywell
Hony Honey
Honycomb Honeycombe
Hooch Hooght
Hood Whood
Hood Wood
Hook Cook
Hookaway Huckeway
Hooker Hocquard
Hooper Hoper
Hooper Hoopper
Hooper Hooppell
Hopkins Hopkin
Hopperda Hopperday
Hoptkins Hopkins
Hopwood Hoppwood
Hordor Horder
Hore Hoare
Hore Hoar
Horgan Horrogan
Horlick Arlick
Horn Hourn
Horn Hartes
Horn Horne
Horsburgh Horbrook
Horsenaile Horsnell
Hodsdon Horsham
Hosack Hasack
Hosbery Horsborough
Hoser Hosier
Hoshins Hoshings
Hostings Hoskin
Hoskins Hoskin
Horskins Hoskins
Hodgkins Hoskins
Hoskins Hoskinson
Hoskins Hoskings
Hoslip Haslip
Hosock Hossic
Hospenjon Hispenjohn
Hospill Aspell
Hotchkins Hoskins
Houd Wood
Houdsworth Holdsworth
Houghland Hofflin
Houghton Houlton
Houghton Haughton
Houghton Holder
Houghton Howton
Houison Huston
Houlding Holden
Houldstock Oldstook
Houldsworth Holdsworth
Houlihan Holian
Hoult Holt
Houmand Howmand
Houneff Hounsleff
Hounsun Hunsom
Houpes Hoopes
Hour Hoar
Hourston Huston
Hourston Hewitson
House Howse
Houseman Ousman
Housmans Yeomans
Houston Huston
Houston Houghins
Houston Hewson
Houstoun Houston
Houton Houlton
Houwerton Houwenton
How House
How Haw
Howard Hayward
Howard Haworth
Howard Hoar
Howart Howard
Howatt Heewatt
Howe How
Howe Howes
House Howe
House Howes
Howell Howells
Howerd Howard
Howes Hawes
Howes House
Howes Howse
Howick Hawick
Howison Houison
Howlcraft Holcroft
Howlcroft Hurlecroft
Howle Howell
Howling Holden
Hownham Hornim
Howroyd Howroyde
Howse House
Howson Huston
Hubbard Hebbert
Hubert Hubbard
Huchers Hutchins
Huchins Hutchings
Huddibul Huddebull
Huddleson Heddleston
Huddleston Adelstone
Huddleston Hudleston
Hudson Hodson
Huet Hewet
Huett Hewett
Huff Hoffe
Hugard Huggard
Huges Hughes
Hugessen Hugeson
Huggins Huggin
Huggo Hugo
Hugh Hulme
Hugh Hughes
Hughes Hughs
Hughes Hews
Hughes Hues
Hughes Hewes
Hughes Hugh
Hughston Hewston
Huigs Hughes
Hulbert Hulberth
Hull Hall
Hull Hill
Hulme Holmes
Hulson Hurlston
Humble Hamil
Humbly Humbley
Hume Humes
Hume Home
Humfrey Humphries
Humpage Hempage
Humphrey Humphery
Humphrey Humphrys
Humphrey Humphreys
Humphrey Homphary
Humphreys Humphrey
Humphreys Humphris
Humphreys Humphery
Humphreys Homphreys
Humphreys Humphrys
Humphreys Humphries
Humphries Humfres
Humphries Humphreys
Humphries Humfres
Humphry Humfrey
Humphry Humfry
Humphrys Humphreys
Humphrys Humphris
Humphryson Humphrison
Humprey Humphery
Hunt Hant
Huntear Hunter
Hunter Hunt
Huntington Huntingden
Huntly Huntley
Huntris Huntriss
Hunts Hunter
Huodrick Hudrick
Hupton Upton
Hurell Hurunn
Hurley Howley
Hurley Hurly
Hurley Hutley
Hurley Surley
Hurne Heron
Hurst Hirst
Hurt Hurst
Husband Husbands
Husett Usit
Husham Hussam
Husick Hoosick
Husk Hurst
Huson Hewson
Hussey Husey
Hussey Houssey
Hust Hurst
Huston Hourston
Hutchen Hutchin
Hutchens Hutchence
Hutchens Hutchinson
Hutchens Hutchin
Hutcheon Hutchingson
Hutcheon Hutchinson
Hutcherson Hutchinson
Hutchesson Hutchinson
Hutchin Hutchings
Hutchings Hutchins
Hutchins Hutchings
Hutchins Utson
Hutchins Hutchinson
Hutchins Hutckings
Hutchinson Hutchison
Hutchinson Huchason
Hutchinson Huithinson
Hutchison Hutson
Hutchoms Hutchins
Hutchson Hudson
Hutheson Hutchinson
Hutson Hylson
Huttley Hutley
Hutton Hatton
Hutton Uttin
Huttson Hudson
Huyne Huyn
Hwpton Upton
Hyde Hide
Hyde Hinde
Hyers Ayres
Hyland Highland
Hymer Highness
Hynd Hind
Hyndman Hindman
Hynds Hind
Hynes Haynes