English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames L

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Labat Labatt
Labby Laberts
Labdon Lapdown
Labey Libey
Labourn Leybourn
Labrom Laborn
Labrune Labrune
Lacey Lacy
Lacey Sacey
Lacey Leacy
Lachterop Lachtrop
Lackford Leckford
Lacock Laycock
Lacy Lacey
Laddler Laidler
Ladnitch Ledwich
Laen Lean
Lafosse Lafocie
Lagarde Legarde
Laggett Leggatt
Laing Lang
Laing Leing
Laird Lird
Laithnait Laithnit
Laity Lattie
Lake Leake
Lake Luck
Lakeman Lake
Lakey Leakey
Lakey Larkey
Lallow Lillow
Lamas Lumas
Lambard Lambert
Lambarne Lambourne
Lambarth Lambert
Lambe Lamb
Lambel Lamble
Lambert Lamber
Lambert Lamberd
Lambert Lambith
Lambert Lambeth
Lambert Lambort
Lambert Lambol
Lambeth Lambell
Lambley Lumley
Lambort Lambart
Lambourn Lambourne
Lambourn Lamburne
Lambrat Lambret
Lamburn Lambourn
Lamey Lemey
Laming Lamming
Lamon Lemon
Lampen Lampion
Lampitt Lampel
Lamswood Lambswood
Lancastar Lancaster
Lancaster Lanaster
Lancaster Lancaser
Lancaster Lancester
Landale Landel
Landell Llandle
Lander Landon
Landon Lenden
Lang Long
Langan Langdon
Langdon Landgon
Langdon Lang
Langdon Langden
Langdon Langley
Langely Langley
Langhorn Langhorne
Langley Lungley
Langsdon Lansdown
Lansdale Lansdall
Lansdale Lonsdale
Lansdown Landsdown
Lansman Lanceman
Lantellum Lantillum
Lanxon Langstone
Lany Laney
Laremar Laremor
Larey Lery
Larimer Lorriman
Larine Mcclarine
Larkin Larcomb
Larking Learkin
Laroon Lauron
Larson Lawson
Lascells Lascelles
Lassendy Lazonby
Lasey Lasy
Lashly Lesslye
Lass Last
Lassall Lasalle
Lassalle Lasalle
Lassellls Lascelles
Lassen Lawson
Lata Lalta
Latham Latthum
Latimer Letimer
Latimer Lattimer
Latta Lutta
Lauclund Lacklin
Lauder Lowther
Laugee Lougie
Laugher Layher
Laughlan Laghlan
Laughton Lawton
Laughton Larton
Launders Landers
Laurance Lawrance
Laurence Lawrence
Laurens Lawrence
Laurie Lowrey
Laury Lowry
Lauson Lason
Lautiner Lattunneur
Lavall Lovall
Lavell Lavill
Lavington Levington
Law Laws
Lawler Lowder
Lawler Lawer
Lawler Lawley
Lawley Lawly
Lawlis Lawless
Lawrance Lawrence
Lawrence Laurence
Lawrie Lowry
Lay Lee
Layton Ley
Layton Lakin
Leach Leech
Leach Litch
Leacher Letcher
Leacock Laycock
Leadbeter Ledbetter
Leady Leedy
Leahy Leaky
Leake Lake
Leake Leak
Lealter Laolter
Leane Lane
Leang Laing
Leaper Lepper
Lear Leear
Learmond Learmouth
Learmonth Lermen
Learmouth Larmouth
Leary O'Leary
Leasingby Lazinby
Leately Lealy
Leathem Leatham
Leatherlund Leatherland
Leathes Lees
Leaveri Leavir
Leche Leach
Leckey Lackey
Leckiy Leckie
Ledain Leadin
Ledgett Lidgeat
Lee Leahy
Lee Leas
Lee Leo
Leech Leach
Leecham Ledsham
Leek Leck
Leek Leeke
Leeman Lemon
Lees Lee
Leesom Seesom
Lefeaver Lefever
Lefebure Lefeburne
Lefever Lefevre
Lefour Lefort
Leggatt Legget
Leggett Legatt
Leigh Lee
Leison Leyson
Leister Lester
Leitch Leech
Leitch Leach
Leith Leeth
Leitham Latham
Leke Leek
Lemarchand Lemarchant
Lemax Lemmex
Lembery Limbery
Lemme Lemmee
Lemmon Lemmett
Lemmon Lemon
Lenan Lennan
Lendow Lindo
Lenington Lennington
Lenn Linn
Lennard Leonard
Lennon Lennard
Lennox Lenox
Lenon Lamont
Lenthal Lenthall
Lenton Lynton
Leonard Lenard
Leonard Ennard
Lepper Leopard
Leray Leroy
Leslie Lesslie
Leslie Lesley
Lessenby Lessonby
Lesslie Leslie
Lesslie Lessley
Lessly Lesslie
Lessly Leslie
Lester Liste
Lester Lisster
Lester Lister
Lester Luster
Lester Leister
Letch Litch
Letsom Litscombe
Letten Latten
Letts Latts
Leud Leod
Leveric Laverock
Leverrick Laverick
Leverton Laverton
Levy Levi
Lewers Lewis
Lewhlling Llewellin
Lewingden Lewington
Lewis Leues
Lewis Lowes
Lewis Lewes
Lewis Lewen
Lewis Lewiss
Lewn Lewin
Ley Lee
Lickis Lickish
Liddel Liddle
Liddel Liddell
Liddell Liddall
Lidden Litton
Liddiard Liddard
Liddle Liddal
Liddle Little
Lidget Ledgit
Lidiard Leader
Lidley Sidley
Lidon Lyddon
Lidyatt Lydiatt
Lies Lees
Liferin Loverin
Lighterness Litoness
Lightfoot Lighfoot
Lighttoler Lightholder
Lighton Langton
Lightwood Latwood
Ligthart Ligthard
Lillia Lilly
Lillicrap Lillicrapp
Lilly Lilley
Lillyman Lilliman
Limar Lemer
Limbrey Limbery
Limbridge Limeridge
Limm Linn
Limousin Limosen
Linay Lenard
Linch Lynch
Linde Linden
Lindebom Lindeboom
Lindell Linsdall
Lindsay Lindesay
Lindsay Lindsey
Lindsey Linsey
Lineard Lennard
Linell Linnell
Lines Lynes
Lines Lyons
Linfield Lingfield
Linklator Linklater
Linn Lenns
Linn Lynn
Linnarcks Linmark
Linnes Lynis
Linnington Lennington
Linnon Linnen
Linsay Linsey
Linsay Lyndsay
Linsdall Linsdon
Linsdon Linston
Linden Lint
Linstead Linsteed
Linthom Linthome
Linthwait Linthweite
Linthwaite Lentwight
Linton Lynton
Lintott Lintoll
Lintseed Linsteed
Linzey Lindsay
Lion Lynes
Liscombe Liskham
Lish Leish
Lishman Leachman
Lister Leister
Litchfield Litchfild
Litman Hickman
Little Liddle
Littlo Lillow
Livens Livings
Liversidge Liversadge
Livingston Livingstone
Liviston Livingstone
Lizard Liddard
Llewelin Llewelyn
Llewellin Llewelling
Lloyd Loyd
Lloyd Floyd
Loage Loag
Loagie Logie
Loane Lone
Lobban Lobbin
Lobdill Lobdell
Lochridge Lochrigge
Lockart Lockett
Lockett Luckroft
Lockhart Lockard
Lockhart Lockart
Lockier Lockyer
Lockyer Lockyear
Loder Loddar
Loder Looder
Loder Lowder
Loder Loader
Lodge Loge
Loe Lowe
Logan Loggin
Logas Lucas
Loggings Luggings
Logsdell Logsdale
Logue Loage
Lomak Lomax
Lomas Lummis
Lomas Lummas
Lombert Lambeart
Lond Loans
Lonergan Longregan
Long Laing
Longbotham Longbottam
Longmuire Langmore
Longstaff Langstaff
Lonnergan Londrigan
Lonnon Lannon
Loo Loe
Loom Lome
Loots Loos
Lopes Lopez
Lord Laud
Lord Lords
Lorence Lawrence
Lorn Lorne
Lorphelin Lordphelim
Lorymer Lorrimer
Loscomb Loscombe
Losson Lawson
Lotan Loten
Lotin Lottin
Louarnce Laurence
Louden Lowden
Loughen Loughoy
Loughery Lochery
Loughlin Laughlin
Loughlin Mclaughlin
Loughlin Locklan
Louney Loney
Lourie Lowry
Loutham Lowden
Louthean Lothian
Loveland Lovilond
Loveless Lowless
Loveless Lovelass
Lovett Lovatt
Low Law
Low Loo
Lowder Lowther
Lowe Low
Lowler Loller
Lowly Lowley
Lowmyers Lomiers
Lowrance Lawrence
Lowrey Lowry
Lowrie Lowry
Lowry Lowery
Lows Lawes
Lowther Lowder
Lowthorp Lowthrop
Lucas Lukeas
Lucas Lucass
Luce Louis
Luck Look
Luckcott Luckott
Luckraft Lucraft
Luckly Luckley
Ludgater Ludgatter
Ludlow Laidlow
Luffland Louflen
Lugar Luger
Lugton Lugdon
Lumsden Lumisdell
Lunberry Lunbury
Lund Land
Lundberg Lunberry
Lunders Lyndon
Lundey Lundy
Lundie Lundy
Lundstrom Lundstrum
Luney Luny
Lungtry Langtry
Lungy Lungley
Lunniss Lunnis
Lupson Lupsome
Lursen Lierson
Luscomb Luscombe
Luscombe Luscome
Lluscombe Luscom
Lutridge Ludwidge
Lutz Luds
Lyall Loyall
Lyan Lyon
Lycett Lycatt
Lyden Lighten
Lyme Lyne
Lynahan Lennihan
Lynch Linchea
Lynch Linck
Lynham Lineham
Lynn Flynn
Lynnett Lennet
Lynoss Liness
Lyons Lyon
Lyshon Leyson
Lyslie Leslie
Lyster Lester
Lywood Liwood