English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames S

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Sabry Sebrey
Sackby Saxby
Sac Sockett
Sadbury Sadbery
Saffey Saffley
Saggers Staggars
Saich Saech
Sintglain St.Glain
Saintlo Saintloe
Saintsbury Sansbury
Sale Seale
Salisbury Salisbry
Salisbury Salusbury
Salkeld Salkield
Salkild Salkeld
Salladine Saladine
Salmon Salmond
Salmon Samon
Saloman Salomon
Salomon Solomon
Saltingstal Salter
Salvage Savage
Sambrooke Sambreak
Sammon Salmon
Sample Sampel
Sandal Sandall
Sandars Sanders
Sandbach Sandbich
Sandefoot Sandifout
Sander Saunder
Sanders Saunders
Sanders Sandars
Sanderson Saunders
Sanderson Saunderson
Sandifer Sandefer
Sandilands Samblings
Sandry Saundry
Sandys Sands
Sansbury Sainsbury
Saper Sopper
Sapple Supple
Sapsard Sapsforde
Sare Sears
Sareell Searll
Sarrell Sarell
Sarell Searles
Saren Searn
Sargen Sargent
Sargood Sergood
Sarjeant Sarjent
Sartin Sertain
Sarvis Service
Saul Sall
Saull Saul
Saumarez Saumares
Saumier Sauniez
Saunder Saunders
Saunders Sanders
Sauvage Sauvaget
Savage Savidge
Savage Sauvage
Savege Savage
Savile Seavile
Sawcer Saicer
Sawyer Swayer
Sawyer Sawer
Sawyers Sayers
Saxelby Saxelbye
Saxton Sexton
Sayer Sirs
Sayer Sawyer
Sayers Sayer
Sayers Sayres
Sayle Seal
Sayles Sales
Scamel Camell
Scandred Scandrett
Scandrett Scandret
Scanlan Scandland
Scanlan Scandlin
Scarfe Scaiffe
Scarlett Scarlet
Scatcherlow Scatcherlo
Scelman Skillman
Schaeffer Schaeffar
Schanlon Schalon
Schaumburg Schambourg
Schelle Schellen
Schmalling Smalling
Schofield Scanfield
Scholls Schoolls
Scholy Scoley
Schonnel Scunnell
Schussler Chesley
Sclater Slayter
Scofield Scofielde
Scolfield Scofield
Sconnel Schonnell
Scoot Scott
Scoott Scott
Scot Scott
Scotchburn Scotsburn
Scothorne Scotham
Scott Scot
Scowen Schowen
Schrivener Scrivenor
Scribbins Scubbins
Scrivener Scriven
Scriver Scrivenor
Scrmon Scarman
Scroggleford Scaggleford
Scroggs Scraggs
Scully Skully
Scult Scott
Scurier Scurrier
Scurlock Sherlock
Scurlock Scorlock
Scuvener Scrivenor
Seabrook Seabroocke
Seabrooke Seabrook
Sead Seed
Seage Sage
Seager Seagar
Seale Seal
Sealey Sealy
Seamore Seymore
Seares Sears
Searle Searl
Searle Serl
Seril Sears
Seares Sears
Seater Seaton
Seath Seith
Sebeston Sebastion
Sebeston Sebastin
Seburn Seaburn
Secker Sacker
Seckerson Sackerson
Seddun Sedden
Sedgwick Sedgwicke
Sedgwick Sudgwick
Seedy Seda
Seemer Seymour
Seers Searse
Seery Seary
Segary Segory
Selby Selsby
Selby Selvey
Selkraig Salteraig
Sellars Sellers
Seller Sellers
Selperth Selperths
Semett Sennett
Semmons Simmonds
Sendy Sandy
Senior Senar
Sennett Senett
Serjeant Sargent
Serjeant Sargeant
Serle Searle
Sermon Salmon
Setree Settree
Setsly Sedgley
Setter Seaton
Sevecken Sevecke
Seward Seaward
Sexby Saxby
Seyden Side
Seymore Seymour
Seymour Seaymore
Shackel Shackle
Shadforth Shadford
Shaffell Sheffell
Shaffells Shiffield
Shaffils Shaffells
Shakespear Shakespair
Shales Shield
Shalespere Shelspear
Shallice Shalice
Shannon Shanon
Shanston Shenston
Shapter Chapter
Sharad Sharrad
Shark Sharkey
Sharkey Shirkey
Sharlock Sherlock
Sharman Sherman
Sharp Sharpe
Sharp Shark
Sharpless Sharpe
Sharpless Sharp
Sharrit Sherret
Sharvil Shervill
Sharward Sharad
Sharwin Sherwin
Shatchwell Satchwill
Shaughnessy Senassy
Shawe Shaw
Shea Sheas
Shea Shee
Shea Shaw
Shead Shade
Sheale Shiel
Shean Sheen
Shean Sheehan
Sheargall Sheregall
Shearlock Charlock
Shearly Sherley
Shearly Shearley
Sheehan Sheaine
Sheehan Shehan
Sheely Shelly
Sheen Shinn
Sheen Sheall
Sheering Sheeran
Sheerman Shearman
Sheers Shears
Shefell Sheffell
Shehey Shehy
Sheild Shield
Sheils Shields
Shekelwood Sheclewood
Sheler Sheylor
Shelletoe Shellitoe
Shelletoe Shellito
Shelley Sully
Shelly Shelley
Shelmerdin Shelmerdine
Shelton Sheldon
Shennan Shedden
Shenston Shenstone
Shepard Shepherd
Shepehard Shepard
Sheperd Shepherd
Shephard Shepphard
Shephard Shepherd
Shepherd Sheperd
Shepherd Shephed
Shepherd Shepheard
Sheppard Shepherd
Sheppard Shepperd
Shepston Shipston
Sherborn Sherborne
Sherer Sherrer
Sheret Sherrat
Sheridon Sherridan
Sherin Sherrin
Sherlock Shurlock
Sherlon Sheldon
Sherman Sharman
Sherman Shearman
Sherrard Sherrit
Sherreff Shirreff
Sherret Shirit
Sherwin Sharwin
Sherwood Sherrard
Shewrie Shurie
Shield Shiell
Shields Shilds
Shells Shields
Shillar Shillan
Shillar Shilland
Shilley Shelly
Shillierd Shilliard
Shilton Shelton
Shine Shone
Shipley Shiply
Shipway Shipy
Shires Shears
Shirley Shelley
Shirley Sherley
Shirries Shirris
Shitchbury Shickbury
Shoe Shove
Sholt Shalts
Shortit Shortin
Shotbolt Shadbolt
Shreeve Speeve
Shrigley Shrigly
Shrimton Shrimpton
Shuger Suger
Shuirt Shirk
Shukburgh Shuckburgh
Shuse Shuice
Shut Shutz
Shuth Shoute
Shuttl Shuttle
Shuttlewood Shuttlemood
Sibbald Sibald
Sibon Sibson
Sibthorpe Sybthorpe
Siddall Sidell
Siddoway Sedway
Sidley Lidley
Sier Sawyer
Siewright Sievewright
Siferin Soverin
Siffrent Seffrent
Siggins Sigins
Signal Signall
Silby Selby
Siller Silver
Silles Selles
Silly Sealy
Silva Sylva
Sim Symm
Sim Simes
Simcock Simcok
Sime Same
Simervell Sommervell
Simes Sims
Simesson Simeson
Simins Sims
Simkin Simkins
Simkin Simpkin
Simkin Simplins
Simm Syms
Simmers Summers
Simmonds Simonds
Simmonds Symonds
Simonson Simmeson
Simpson Simson
Simpson Symmons
Simpson Sympson
Sims Simms
Sims Simmes
Sims Simes
Sims Simms
Simson Simpson
Sinckler Sinclair
Sinckley Sinclear
Sinclair Senclair
Sinclair Sinkler
Sinclair Sinclear
Sinclair Sinclar
Sinderby Sinderly
Sinfield Singfield
Sinklair Sinclair
Sinnatt Sinnett
Sinnett Sinet
Sinnot Sennett
Sinyard Singuard
Sippins Sibbins
Sirmot Sirmett
Siveright Sivewright
Skatetles Skittles
Sked Skied
Skeere Steers
Skegg Skeg
Skellorn Skelland
Skelly Helly
Skelly Scally
Skerre Skerry
Skerrett Skerret
Skerrett Skeratt
Sketes Skeates
Skiggs Scriggs
Skikelthop Skikelthorp
Skinner Skiner
Skitlethorpe Skitelthorp
Skrymshire Skrympshire
Sladen Sladden
Slaiter Slaitor
Slantery Slaughter
Slate Slade
Slater Slaughter
Slater Slatter
Slatery Slatterly
Slattery Saltrey
Sleemarker Slemarker
Sleepe Slape
Sleigh Slay
Slick Sullick
Slim Slimm
Sloan Sloane
Sloatter Slater
Slocombe Slocome
Sloggat Sluggat
Slonan Sloane
Slone Sloane
Slowan Sloan
Slowen Sloan
Slowley Slole
Smalbone Smallbone
Smale Small
Smalkham Smallcombe
Small Smale
Smalley Smally
Smead Snead
Smearley Smirley
Smeeth Smeth
Smeetken Smeeken
Smerphut Smerphit
Smith Smidth
Smith Smiteon
Smitton Smiton
Smith Smythe
Smith Smyth
Smittgall Smittguall
Smitton Smitoon
Smitz Smits
Smylie Smiley
Sneth Sneath
Snelling Snelton
Snodden Shodden
Snowding Snow
Snowden Snowdell
Snowdon Snowden
Soafe Sophy
Soames Sones
Soare Sore
Soeberg Seeberg
Soggett Suggut
Solomons Somons
Solway Salway
Somervell Somervile
Somervell Somerville
Somerville Sumervell
Sone Sunn
Sonley Souley
Sonnenbergh Sonnenberg
Sop Sopp
Soper Soaper
Soritar Sutter
Sotin Sottin
Soulsby Shrewsbury
Souter Shutter
Southall Southwell
Southgat Southgate
Soutter Sutter
Souz Sowze
Soward Saward
Sowers Sower
Sowter Souter
Spalding Spaulding
Spanbrock Spanbroeck
Spann Span
Spark Sparke
Sparke Sparkes
Sparkes Parkes
Sparkes Sparks
Sparks Sparke
Sparks Parks
Sparlin Sparling
Sparren Macksparran
Sparshott Spashatt
Speakman Spickman
Spear Spears
Spears Spiers
Speateman Spateman
Speck Spick
Speck Spake
Speed Sped
Speeke Peake
Speid Spied
Speir Speer
Speir Spears
Spence Spenc
Spencer Spence
Spendlove Spenlove
Spens Spence
Spieres Spires
Spiers Spires
Spink Spanks
Spinks Spink
Spires Spiers
Spiscer Spicer
Spittell Spittal
Spittell Spital
Spoonly Spoonley
Sprackett Sprague
Sprague Spriggs
Sprat Spratt
Spratley Sprately
Spreadburrow Spreadborough
Sprege Sprage
Spriggans Spriggens
Springal Springle
Sproson Sprouton
Sproull Spraule
Spsrat Spsratt
Squair Squires
Square Squires
Squarey Squary
Squire Squires
St.Guinton St.Quintin
St.Cloir Sinclair
St.Lo St.Loe
Stacey Stacy
Stack Stark
Stagle Steachell
Stainer Staines
Stainey Stanney
Stains Staines
Stainterford Stanterford
Staite State
Stalbyn Stalban
Staley Stelay
Stamford Staford
Stamp Stump
Stamper Stampier
Stanbridge Stanbridg
Standfield Stanfield
Staniland Streland
Staniland Standiford
Staniland Stanniland
Staniland Stoneland
Staning Stanning
Stanistreet Stanystreet
Stanlake Standleck
Stanley Stanly
Stanteford Stataford
Stantion Stanton
Stanton Staunton
Stap Stapp
Staple Staples
Staplels Staples
Staples Staplas
Stapleton Stapylton
Stark Starkes
Starkey Starkly
Starling Sterling
Stayner Staner
Stead Steed
Stead Steaad
Steadman Stedman
Steadman Steedman
Stear Steer
Steavenson Stevenson
Stebbens Stubbens
Stebbens Stebben
Stebbing Stibbing
Steding Stedding
Steedman Stedman
Steedman Steadman
Steel Steele
Steer Steers
Steevens Stephens
Steiner Steyner
Steinhausz Stonehouse
Stelker Stilcher
Stenlake Stanlake
Stent Stint
Stentaford Stantiford
Stenton Stanton
Stephen Stephens
Stephen Stephenson
Stephens Steavens
Stephens Stevens
Stephenson Stevenson
Sterk Stark
Steuart Steward
Stevans Stevens
Stevens Stevenson
Stevens Stivins
Stevens Stephens
Stevens Stevems
Stevenson Stevinson
Stevenson Stevenstone
Stevenson Stephenson
Stevnson Stevenson
Steward Stewart
Steward Stuard
Steward Steard
Steward Stuart
Stewart Steuart
Stickengs Stickings
Sticker Stikker
Stickland Strickland
Stickley Stukeley
Stidson Stidston
Stidwell Stedwell
Stiegler Steigler
Still Steel
Stimson Simson
Stimson Stimpson
Stint Stent
Stirling Sterlling
Stivens Stevens
Stivenson Stephinson
Stivenson Stevenson
Stivven Stevins
Stobbs Stubbs
Stock Stocks
Stockdon Stogdon
Stocker Stockwell
Stockman Stokman
Stocks Stokes
Stodden Studding
Stofrd Stafford
Stoke Stokes
Stokes Stoakes
Ston Stone
Stoneman Stolman
Stook Stookes
Stoppelaar Stoppelaer
Stoppelaer Stoppelear
Storer Storey
Storey Story
Stork Stock
Storme Storm
Stormer Stormen
Storrock Sturrock
Story Storey
Stoutenburg Stoutinburgh
Stoutt Stott
Stovegroove Stovegrove
Stoyle Stowell
Stoyte Stoyta
Strachan Strahan
Strachan Strahn
Strahan Straughan
Stralen Straalan
Strang Strong
Strange Strainge
Stransum Stransom
Straton Stratton
Stratton Stratten
Straughan Straffin
Streaton Stratton
Streatter Streeter
Streeter Streator
Strethill Strettell
Strich Strick
Strickland Stricland
Strip Streep
Stroak Stroke
Strobridge Strowbridge
Strock Stroke
Strock Strocks
Strother Struther
Strother Stouther
Stroud Tourde
Strudwick Stredwick
Strugnell Strangnall
Stuard Steward
Stuart Stuart
Stewart Steward
Stuart Steward
Stubbins Stibbins
Stubbins Stubbs
Stubblefield Stubbelfield
Stubens Stubbins
Stubinfull Stubenfull
Stubs Stubbs
Studley Studly
Stuerman Stuurman
Stuley Sturley
Sture Steer
Sturgeon Sturgon
Sturges Sturgess
Sturgis Sturges
Sturmy Sturmey
Sturzaker Stuzaker
Stutt South
Stwart Steward
Styles Stiles
Subrane Shoprawn
Suddon Sutton
Suderland Sutherland
Sulfrage Selfridge
Sulivan Sillivan
Sulivan Sullivan
Sullawan Sullivan
Sullivan Sulliuan
Sullivan Sullvan
Sumerwell Somervell
Summerwill Somerwill
Summer Somers
Summers Sommers
Summers Somers
Summers Summer
Summervell Sommerville
Sundell Sandell
Surman Surmon
Surrell Serrell
Susham Sussam
Sutcliff Sutcliffe
Suten Sittin
Suter Souter
Suter Soulter
Sutherland Suthland
Sutherland Southerland
Sutherwood Southernwood
Sutter Soter
Sutton Shotton
Swabrick Swarbrick
Swain Swainey
Swainston Swanston
Swals Swales
Swan Swann
Swan Swaine
Swaney Swiney
Swanny Swanney
Sweatman Swetman
Sweeny Swiney
Sweetingham Sweetenham
Swellman Swetman
Swemey Sweny
Sweney Sweny
Swenson Swanson
Swetnum Swettingham
Swift Swist
Swinbourn Swinbourne
Swinburn Swingbourn
Swiney Mcswiney
Swinney Sweeney
Swithin Swithen
Swyny Swayne
Sylva Silva
Sym Sim
Syme Sims
Symes Sims
Symmers Summers
Symons Symon
Symons Simmons
Symons Symonds
Symson Simson
Synnett Sennet