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Examples on Indexing UK Parish Registers
- How to Read Old English Records 
- How to Index Single Image Multiple Record Batches 
- Supplemental Examples  

Intra and Extra - These words indicate burials.

Q. Can blank lines be added to equal the number of lines in the image?  A. There is no need to add blank lines to match the number of lines in the image. The data entry area is preset to one or two records per image. If you encounter images with more names to record than the preset number, you will need to add additional entry lines to match the actual number of names to be indexed on your image.

Names - If a surname is not recorded - do not assume a surname from another family member, for example "John son of David and Mary Smith". The field helps clearly say do not assume surname. 
             - Some words are being confused as part of the name - Examples
             - recorded in Latin should not be changed 

Gender - Do not assume gender based on the given name. Index the gender only if it was specifically recorded or if it can be determined by the relationship, such as a son/daughter or husband/wife.              - Gender can be found in unusual places - Example

Dates - The switch to the Gregorian calendar in 1752  - How this affects event dates 
           - Index the date as shown on the document
           - If more than one year is recorded, 1764/1765 for example, index the first year.

Record Type - Baptisms are recorded as Christenings - When to use Record Type "Other" 
                       - Wills: Index principle and capture no other names. Mark other pages NED
                       - Banns: When the date is indexed, record the last day the banns were announced
                       - Confirmation: Do not index confirmation records - mark as no extractable data

Latin Terms - - Key Latin words, numbers and definitions - Latin Genealogical Word List 

Handwriting Help - Reading old handwriting - English 1500-1800 Tutorial 

Image - Part of one document is cut off - How to index the image