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Those dashes are not dittos. If the enumerator meant for those dashes to be dittos he wouldn’t have continued to use ditto marks throughout the rest of the image after the first dash. Those dashes mean blank, no information or not applicable.

Sometimes you really have to look at the whole image and take the time to realize why someone filled out a form a certain way.

Field 13: Origin When it is written English, do you extract England or English? A. Key as written. Also, when it's written in French should we be translating it to English or provide the correct spelling in French? (eg: Ecossais = Scottish & Ecosse = Scotland). If it's to be written in French should we give the exact spelling including the accents? Answer: Do not tranlate records recorded in French to the English equivalent. Key as it is written. This has been confirmed by FamilySearch Support. If accents have been written on the record, key them as written.

We've also been told in the instructions to correct any misspellings. Here' a list of some of the origins that are in French (proper spelling):: Africaines Allemand Anglais Arabes Asiatique  Autochtones Canadien Chinos Écossais Espagnol Europe occidentale Europe orientale Européennes Française Haïtien Îles britanniques Indien Irlandais Italien Juif Nord-américaines Québécois Sud-européennes

Field 12 (religion): Does the same apply to field 12? I key it in as writtten in French (Catholique) and it keeps getting changed by the arbitrators to English (Catholic). Answer: Yes this applies to Field 12 - Religion and Field 11 - Country or Province of Birth and Field 14 - Profession. If the arbitrators are changing the entries to English, mark these items for Review via Review Batches. I currently am marking between 25-50 fields for review per image. Hopefully eventually the Arbitrators will get the message.