FamilySearch Indexing: Ireland—Calendar of Wills and Administration, 1858–1920, Additional Helps

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Q. How should the USA be indexed in the Ireland Calendar of Wills? It is written many different ways.
A. According to the project instructions, index what was recorded in the calendar entry.

Q. County Devon is recorded on the document.  What do I enter?  A. Type the county name as recorded, Devon. Do not include the word county.

Q. When a name contains a turned or inverted comma (Example), what character should be used?  A. Use an apostrophe (') in place of the turned or inverted comma.

Q.  How should I index "Mussen alias Allen, Margaret"  A. Index it as Mussen or Allen in the Surname field. 

Q. When there is a foreign residence, including city & country how should this be indexed?  A. Field Help:  "If an individual resided outside of Ireland at the time of death, index what was shown in the calendar entry as the place of residence. If multiple levels of locality were recorded, index all levels, except street addresses, in the order they were recorded, separating each level of locality with a space."