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Recent changes to the "How To" library include a new presentation on how to index overlays. View There is a link to the "How To" library on each project update page. To LibraryUpdates HomeLibrary Bar Watch.jpg
FamilySearch Indexing: US, California—Great (Voting) Registers, 1866–1910, OverviewFamilySearch Indexing: US, California—Great (Voting) Registers, 1866–1910, Project UpdatesFamilySearch Indexing: US, California—Great (Voting) Registers, 1866–1910, Additional HelpsFamilySearch Indexing: US, California—Great (Voting) Registers, 1866–1910, FAQFSI Tabs Project Updates.jpg

Atlas Pages are not indexed (Feb 1) - Example

Registration Dates are no longer indexed - (1/14)

Searching for Address - (1/3) Using more than one column to find the address -Example  

Other Document Types - Do not index other court documents such as wills, etc.

Records with Name and Age - Index documents with name and age - Example

Addresses - Enter 1626 - K St as 1626 K St

Blank Lines - The batches are preset with 50 records. Index all entries and then mark the remaining records (if any) <Blank>

Locality Clarification  - Example

Unique Residence Columns  - What to do with multiple columns under the Residence Heading - Example

Part Pages  - Do not index part pages where the intent was to photograph only one page - Example

Ward in Column Heading - Do not index the word "Ward" in this type of column - Example

Nativity Field - Native and Naturalized are not indexed in the Nativity Field - Example

Poll Lists - How to index the Residence field and the Date fields for a Poll List - Example

Residence Field Exception -  Use of the Post Office address in a unique document format - San Diego Example

Documents that appear to be indexes -  Index the names on these documents and any other relevant information available on the document.

Header Date - Some documents require the use of the header date - Example

Apostrophes - Index posessive apostrophes such as Moore's Ranch or Veterans' Home.

Residence - Two new examples of what columns to enter in the Residence field - Examples

Missing Names -  What to do when the name is missing from the record - Example

Ditto -  Using blanks for dittos - Example

Date of Entry - Use the date of Entry for the Registration date on this form - Example

Cancellations, Additions and Transfers -  Index Cancellations, Additions and Transfers - Example

Fractional Addresses - Enter addresses with fractions as shown in slide 7 of the presentation in the Additional Helps tab. For this project, enter fractional addresses.

Page Number - The page number may be found at the top or bottom of the page. - Example  (Many pages do not have page numbers but it may possible to determine the number using a previous or next image.) 

Blank Records - The batches are preset with 50 records. If you have fewer than 50 entries, mark the remaining records <Blank>

Residence -Index the residence from the Post Office Column, not the Precinct column on this type of form - Example
                  - What to do when "City" is in a residence field - Example