FamilySearch Indexing: US, Iowa—1925 State Census, Project Updates

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About This Project

  • This project includes the following types of records:
  1. Main census page - Index this page.
  2. Parents’ birthplaces - Do Not Index this page.
  3. Military service and occupations of the individuals who were recorded in the census - Do Not Index this page.
  • Only the main census page will be indexed in this project.
  • The other two census pages will not be indexed. The parents' nativity pages and the military service and occupations pages should be marked as No Extractable Data Image in the Image Type field.
  • The records are digital copies of the originals.

Indexing house numbers If the house number has been written over and you can read the number underneath, index the original number.

If a house number has a 1/2 behind it, disregard the 1/2.  Only index the number that precedes it.  For example, if the house number is 134 1/2 you would index it as 134.

Sample Images to be Indexed

  • Census Page
  • Census Record Do these types of census records need repeated house numbers until the next house number listed (as in other censuses) or should they be left blank?

Sample Images NOT to be Indexed