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This WikiProject's goal is to create the County seat pages for all the states of the United States.

County page tasks

The goal of this part of the project is to combine several projects about the county pages into one.

Steps to prepare the County page

  • 1st Step:On the County page: Edit in wikitext Move the "Guide to" statement (just after Breadcrumbs) to top of page.
    2nd Step: In info box change county seat to link example go to '| seat = MacClenny' and change to '| seat = MacClenny, Flordia|MacClenny inside [[ ]] Note: if 'seat wl =' remove the wl.
    3rd Step: Go to the bottom of the page and remove the stub template. example: Florida-stub inside {{ }}
    4th Step: At the bottom of the page go to categories and change any that are the same name as the county to example: change Category:Baker County, Florids to Category:Florida_counties
    5th Step: Next fill in summary and save.

Create the County Seat page

  • Next create county seat.
  • First click the new county seat name in the info box of the County page into another tab and go to wikitext.
    Use the following to fill in pages New County Seat Page and save.

Adding to the County Seat Page

  • Next you can add to this page
    You also can ask for help from the Genealogical and Historical Societies in that County. Some may already be on the County page. You also can go to Google and put in (CensusFinders/name of state county genealogical societies) for a list of the state and county societies in that state.
    Then use the following form Genealogical or Historical Society Invite Letter to send an email to invite the society to help.