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Project Name: Philippines, Manila Civil Registration Part 2

Number of Publishable Units: 11

Number of Folders: 4,944

Assigned Waypointers: Volunteers

Assigned Auditors: Leo Quatel, Lena Stout


Administrative Waypoints: The administrative images in this project will be the same as the last one, only the title boards. Note that they can be at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of a folder.

Consolidated Form: (All non-administrative Waypoints) There are 3 record types in this project: Birth Certificates, Birth Certificates Index, and Birth Registers. The Record Type Birth Certificates is the only record type that contains Certificate Numbers. Birth Certificates Index and Birth Registers do not have Certificate Numbers.

Additional Information

Please read the hints listed below. They will help you a lot to perform at your best. Also remember that our goals are speed and accuracy.

Finding Certificate Numbers in the Film Notes

Philippines Birth 1.JPG

This is the Certificate Numbers range that you will find in the film. This is a great guideline. Do not copy and paste. This primarily means that you do have Certificate Numbers in the film but you should still look through the images to find the proper range.

Philippines Birth Record 2.JPG

This is a great example of a film that doesn’t have any Certificate Numbers, even though the Record Type is Birth Certificates. By not having the Certificate Numbers listed in the Film Notes, you should be 95% sure that you won’t find any Certificate Numbers. But please still check to see if you can find them.

Finding Certificate Numbers in the Images

Philippines Birth Record 3.JPG

This is where you will find the Certificate Number. Note that this entry reads “1100 (h47)”. Only include the number outside the parenthesis. In this case the Certificate Number is 1100. Do not include any number that comes after a letter. Also, if the first or last image of a range does not have a Certificate Number do not try to guess what it could be, simply write the first and last Certificate Number visible.

Philippines Birth Record 4.JPG

This type of certificate has a number in the top and bottom left-hand corners of the page. The top says “3429” and the bottom “3353.” If you have this type of certificate, please leave the certificate number fields blank. We have been unable to determine which number is the certificate number.

A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:

Philippines, Manila Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records)