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Project Name: Texas Deaths, 1911-1976

Number of Publishable Units: 10

Number of Folders: 1262

Assigned Waypointers: Volunteers

Assigned Auditors: Caleb Pusey, Travis Mecham


  1. Go to ‘File,’ ‘Open Project,’ and select ‘Texas Deaths 1911-1976’ from the drop-down menu, and click ‘OK.’
  2. When the folder finishes loading, highlight the first group of Administrative images. Any image that was not part of the original record should be an Administrative waypoint.
  3. Once the first group of Administrative images is highlighted, click ‘New.’
  4. Scroll through the rest of the Thumbnails and repeat the highlight and ‘New’ action for each group of Administrative images you find. Most folders will have several Administrative groups in the middle.
  5. Once all Administrative images are marked, switch the Template in the Waypoints window from ‘Administrative’ to ‘Consolidated Form.’
  6. The Consolidated Form for this project has the following fields:
    1. Beginning Year
    2. Ending Year
    3. Beginning Month
    4. Ending Month
    5. Beginning County
    6. Ending County
  7. Once the Consolidated Form is complete, highlight the book it applies to and click ‘New.’ This will complete the consolidated form for that waypoint and advance you to the next image that doesn’t have an assigned waypoint.
  8. Repeat this process until all books have been waypointed with their own Consolidated Form.
  9. When you are confident that all waypoints are correct, click ‘Finish.’ A new folder should load, or you can start with step 1 of these instructions to open a new folder.
  10. When you have finished your first folder, please send an email to Caleb or Travis, so they can audit your work and give feedback on any issues they find.

Additional Information

All of the information that you need will be located on the book spine at the beginning of the images. On the spine the year, month and county range will be listed. Use the drop-down boxes to select the month and county and key in the year. Most of the time the ending year and month will be blank. Unless you see a year or month range, please leave the fields blank.

For film rolls that have multiple groups, there is a large number in the beginning title board and the same large number at the ending of the same group, followed by a title board for the beginning of the next group. Make sure that you find all administrative groups by confirming that the large numbers on the beginning title boards are consecutive numbers. Another way to make sure that you have found all the groups is to count the segments in red printing in the summary is the same as the large number at the end of the last group on the roll.

The counties are generally listed in a range alphabetically, for example you will see ‘Anderson’ and ‘Dallas’ listed on the spine. That means that ‘Anderson’ will be the beginning county and ‘Dallas’ will be the ending county.

Helpful Tips

  • The administrative images for this project are white rather than black like many others, be sure to not waypoint the book spine with the administrative images
  • Some books will not have the spine images recorded, in this case, please look at the first and last image of the range to determine the year, month and county information.
  • Some books will a different group of records listed as ‘Delay’ on the spine. This means that the records from those counties were recorded later on. Please determine where in the images the year, month and county change and waypoint it differently. Often, the ‘Delay’ will have a month range, so please record the beginning and ending months of the range. Example: Spine lists 1950 May Travis-Zavala | Delay Jan-Mar Anderson-Webb, this means that the first group of records would be Travis to Zavala counties for May 1950, the Delay is Anderson to Webb counties for January to March of 1950. You will need to find the break between the two groups.
  • Occasionally there will not be a spine or book cover to begin the series of images, in this case, please use the first and last images in the range to determine the proper waypoints. This often happens with the first and last items on the film, so be sure to check the first and last images on the film.
  • Remember, if the beginning and ending year and month are the same, you don't need to record the ending year and month, just the one month and year is sufficient.
  • Sometimes the books in the film will not be separated by camera operator images (administrative images), please remember to waypoint these on a book level like you would with Italy.

If you have any issues locating information, or any questions, please contact Caleb or Travis.