FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Wiki Design Meeting - April 20 2012

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Today we brought up 3 of the pages that the committees are working on:

  • Discussion centered around what are actual "steps" vs. what are "tips" and things to keep in mind - how can we make sure that those ideas are separated? That people don't feel like they do those 8 things in order, but rather that they do some things in order, and then always keep in mind the other items
  • In this we discussed some reorganization of the page, and not using the tabs at the top because the success stories are not different sections, they are examples and can be included lower on the page
  • This is a good list of what researchers will need to be aware of. It was briefly discussed that it will be good to make sure that the things mentioned are specifically for researchers and not for contributors too, to help focus the message.