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Continuation of this discussion...

Research related:

  • Beginning Research - task is "learn how to do genealogy research"
Purpose (two pieces):
  1. Get the beginner going - is not wiki-specific, gives research guidance, points to articles that tell people about how to do genealogy research. What are the main tasks? What is it that you're trying to do? What do you expect to find?
    • Get Organized
    • Personal History
    • Pages with the general process of getting started:
  2. Wizard that takes them step-by-step through the process - what’s your question?
    (We may want to not work on this wizard due to the user guidance project that Darris' team is working on?)

  • Intermediate/Advanced Research
  • Letting those who are experienced know the wiki is for them
  • Teaching how to use the wiki as a research tool
  • Find information about my ancestor (see the top 10 list)

Contributing related

  • Getting Started
  • Share/add info - write new/edit
  • Connect - join the community

Support related

  • Maintenance page
  • Getting started in helping with maintenance

Other Notes

Main topics

If we were to come up with 3-4 things that a researcher might be looking for when they hit the wiki, what would they be?

  • Find more information about my ancestor
  • Learn what records exist for a location or event
  • Learn how to do genealogy research
  • Find others to collaborate with
  • Need to research what are the major tasks that someone coming to the wiki is trying to do
  • Need to come up with a mission statement - brainstorming:
  • Find research advice for a place or topic, or learn how to get started
  • We can't tell you when Uncle Fred was born but we can tell you where to look
  • Find resources