FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Wiki Design Meeting - March 9 2012

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Today we discussed the question - what are the main areas that we want to lead people into? Here are the notes:

Research related:

  • Beginning Research - just getting started
Purpose (two pieces):
  1. Get the beginner going - is not wiki-specific, gives research guidance, points to articles that tell people about how to do genealogy research
    • Get Organized
    • Personal History
    • See some of the elements on these pages for how to organize:
  2. Wizard that takes them step-by-step through the process - what’s your question?
  • Intermediate/Advanced Research - perhaps the wiki just is that?
  • Letting those who are experienced know the wiki is for them
  • Teaching how to use the wiki as a research tool

Contributing related

  • Getting Started
  • Share/add info - write new/edit
  • Connect - join the community

Support related

  • Maintenance page
  • Getting started in helping with maintenance