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We are in the process of revising the Wiki home page. We invite you to help us test how the four different pages work.

Please take a question you have about genealogy or a research problem that you are currently working on, and use the wiki to try to answer the question or solve that problem.

To test the Home Page versions

  1. Think of a question you have about genealogy, or a research problem that you are currently working on.
    For example, you might be looking for:

    1. The children of an ancestor.
    2. What the best computer program is to use.
    3. How to get started in genealogy research.
  2. Pick one of the four following start pages:
    1. Example 1
    2. Example 2
    3. Example 3
    4. Example 4
  3. Use the Wiki to answer your question. The answers could be found on a wiki page, or a link on a Wiki page might take you out of the Wiki to find your answer.
  4. Answer the questions in this survey. It should take about 25-30 minutes to fill out:

When finished, share this with your friends. We’d love to hear from them too.