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At one time, the Social Groups area could be entered from the Community Center. Now it's hidden. Social Groups can be found under the Community tab on the Wiki Forums page. Since this is considered a research wiki, should Ancestor and Surnames groups even exist in this space?

My purpose in bringing up this subject is that a FamilySearch employee contacted our surname organization and suggested that the organization contribute information to the wiki. The Surnames category with Social Groups seems to be the only place that such contributions would fit. Not only is this hidden from general view, but it doesn't seem appropriate to the purpose of the FamilySearch Research Wiki. In fact, when the topic of surnames on the wiki comes up in the Research Forums, the general response seems to be that the FamilySearch Research Wiki is about records and research strategies, not about research on a specific family. Charlene Charlene Pipkin 15:16, 13 July 2011 (UTC)

Charlene, in discussions about Social Groups, it was decided that they are definitely encouraged to contribute to the Wiki if they have information that is useful to others.  In particular, we are encouraging Genealogy societies, etc. to be a part of the Wiki.  They are some surname groups on the Wiki, but they are usually just giving information about their group so that people looking for help in that area could contact them.  As you said, the Wiki is about records and research strategies, not individual names.  Hope I haven't completely muddied the waters. Lynda 18:56, 17 January 2012 (UTC)