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Present:Warren Jones, Mark Summerhays, Charles Smith, Janell Vansquez, Steve Cottrell, Lise, Judy, Lynda Avery, Ken Knight, Jane Colmenares, James Tanner, Don Stringham

Discussion Items

The change over is the 11 Oct, outside date is the 18th.  11 Language and better search.
Technical Issues & Workarounds

Log-in issue update? Lise 20:05, 4 October 2011 (UTC) If I put in the link with out being linked in to the forum I takes me to the link it self, If I am linked in it takes me to the main forum page with all the items.

On the issue from last week Have sent up this issue, keep sending in the reports so they can be aware. With the change over to the 11 language and computer update don't know how soon this will come up for action.

Other log in problem. Example: Sign in incorrectly. The next attempt that is correct it will still not take your log in.  Will report screen shots, Will continue reporting.

The search problem may be caused by the upload problem that comes in every 30minutes meeting(indexing).  Two seperate issues.  One is caused by the Indexing issue that is every 30 minutes.  The no results is the 30 minute problem, but the result but no matching with list or your knowlege of the subject is still not solved.

Third issue. Put in the word: stub. got only 3 results(there are many). Shows possible 5 shows only 3 but we know many are there.  New search shows 2 of 3.  Another show only the last item already searched by the computer. Also shows all searchs with perfix.  Will come up different many times.  Browers: Crome, IE(9) and Firefox(7.0.1),

Most different. Report screen shots to Me, Warren Jones. Huge search issues.  Will add files to the case.

Continue reporting. Don Stringham:Have down loaded the problem but still have no rwesults.  Intermitt results. The data base is not in a state that is stable.  Caused by the growth of the Wiki. Index provider can not keep up with the flow. This can happen 2 to 3 times an hour.  With the change over to the new programing we will not see this problem. Mark will put up a notice to tell everyone, the site will be read only during the change over on the 11th of October.  No sound on recording after this point sorry.