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Present:Mark Summershays, Janell Vasquez, Judy, Don Stringham, Rorie Jenson, Dsammy, Lisa, Lynde


Discussion Items

Technical Issues & Workarounds

Spanish Wiki image-upload process will be updated. There will be no down time as the engineers deploy code to fix the Wiki. If any issues arise, engineering needs to be notified immediately.  The engineeers are in the process of correcting the image upload problem on the Spanish Wiki.  This is a rolling deploy so there will be no interuption to the Wiki.  The Spanish E-mail will now go directly to the Spanish Queue and not just to the Wiki team. 

Emails sent from system with parentheses in the title have broken links to the pages. Sending to engineering to investigate.When patron recieve this they can't get the link to function it breaks just before the parentheses.  This may be the servers cause placing a space in the URL, Yahoo did this in the past but has fixed since. an Marriages (FamilySearch Historical  Records)&diff=0&oldid=667028 this actually takes the patron here Marriage.  Copy of the E-mail is going to Mark he will research and then forward up.  Another problem noticed on URLs is the primary address for the Wiki. The updated FamilySearch standard will change it to However, this change will not happen for a while. will redirect to until the switch. goes to FamilySearch Wiki.  Don't we needing to direct the people from the old to new instead of old to old? they are now directed from Wiki to familysearch. The change over from FamilySearch learn to the Wiki will be done when we change over to new hardware. Family Search Learn is a sub program of the Wiki at this time. Programing is set up so Change over is planned at the end of July 1011.  Also are all LDS sites going in that direction.  We only do familysearch.  The only thing affected is cross lanes.

Chat Support is now available.  Some techinical problems on this.  This is server problems.   Provided by vinder.  Best to call or use chat.  Goes up the.  Icon to be put on each page to go to chat.  If you need quick help chat or call other wise e-mail.

Will review all next week.

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