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Present: Janell Vasquez, Don Stringham,  Judy, James Tanner, Mark Summerhays, Lynda Avery,

Problem:   Intermittent Services.   Can't get the problem source.  No results on search..  Can't find the cause.  Is on a recorded call.  May also cause a problem with linking.  No match will come up but you know it is there.  Screen shot would help.  Matches will not come up even though it is know to be there.

Problem: Underscore problem. Not solved yet.

Up Date on  Changes: Wiki will be up in 11 languages, all in brown, intergrated with LDS Accounts..  On the Vertial accounts.  We will be able to scale when we need to.  Sept 15. Address bar will take to new languages.  4 bars from FamilySearch lanugage box in the headed. Oct-Nov. will have language box.  Off line on 15th to change over. About 15 minutes.  May be delayed to after Conference.  Usually it is just for the week before and after Conference to have no changes. All will go through Janell.   Wiki.FamilySearch will be redirected to

New Mexico, and many others are Very interested in the Spanish language. Spanish Wiki will be updated all others will be added. Many of the Wikis have no content.  Next possible change to go from one article to is sister in another language with out leaving the page.