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Present: Warren Jones, Steve Cottrell, Lynda Avery, Ken Knight, Rorie Jensen, Judy, James Tanner

Discussion Items

Note sure which area this goes into - but . . . In the Maintenance work, under Administrative Maintenance, the last item is Too many expensive parser function calls. We've been updating the "how-to's" for this page and we have no idea of what the issue is for this subject. Is this section necessary?Lynda King's Highway,

Some templates can use Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function these can use expensive functions and take a lot of processing power; limit to 150 per page.  Can rewrite so it will not use so much power.  Steve will rewrite these. Thanks Steve.  Parser function is an if statement. .  King's Highway

Wiki Foreign Language deploy is scheduled for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow there will be the CIS login and the new skin just like the English Wiki. Warren

The update on the whole site is scheduled for thurdsay.

User are puting foreign languages in the English Wiki. User talk:MorozovVV

He has translate the main page into Polish on his user page.  Had changed on the main page to polish; If this happens again we do as Janell;  changed back and explain on the user page.

User:Matines   Crome will translate it for you.  They may just be practicing.  Most are now only on User pages. User:Fritzsch  The problem we can't check as easy will have to use google or crome translate.  Worry about illegal or not in policy activity.

Have informed Users in talk pages. The 11 languages will be up tonight. Many already have created pages just will put them on line. Germany(not our's) has 100,000 pages Largest Family Wiki.  The other language Wikis will have similar items but will be written in a original way.  Missionaries and community members maintain the Wikis.  Warren is admin over  ourSpanish Wiki but the content is from the community.  The German wikis; one is ours, the other has the large content. There are people in South America ready to roll on spanish and in France for it. Problem in German because of the other German and Swedish Wikis because of the other outside Wikis.