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Present: Warren Jones, Janell Vasquez, Judy, Lisa, Sandra Pond, Charles Smith, Dsammy, Contrell, Rorie Jenson, Lynda Avery,  

Discussion Items

Technical Issues & Workarounds

I am currently unable to edit in the wiki using Firefox 5.0.1. I have the problem on both my desktop and laptop computers, but not on my kids' desktop. The problem began last weekend. I still have the issue with my newly-installed Trend Micro disabled. I have deleted cookies, rebooted, and re-installed Firefox. I have a similar issue with Internet Explorer, except that I can at least see the text after I click "edit" but then can't link anything. Things are fine with Chrome. Lise 18:42, 12 July 2011 (UTC)

Just the reverse for some.  Text is gone when I put it on edit.  Most of edit tools are gone plus no text.  Start by 1. Disable rich editor.  Results text comes back, can edit and link but was not normal link.On  Firefox go to IE compatible mode in right corner.  Used Alt F and find what version you are on.  Search within editor. No results found.  Search within the editor.  Rich editor discussions of problems.  Three plans to work on by engineers;  general problems, home page and the editor.  Looking a major redo of the home page.

Crome  (is it better,?) yes it's faster.  Some FamilySearch programs don't work well on chrome.  Internet explorier and foxfire were planned for.   Amdoc problem  (out of Utah problem)   Warren will try this out when out of state will close and report on in a couple of weeks.

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