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Present:Warren Jones, Mark Summerhays, Judy, Lynda Avery, Charles Smith, Sandra Pond, Rorie Jenson,

Announcements: Adding  of Russia Wiki and Italian Wiki, this September.   FHC pages to be added to all the on line wiki.  September core 10 plus Swedish will be on line.  Will be put up and intergrated with

News items can now be found on the Community News page in the Wiki.

Discussion Items No items,

Hoped to announce progress  on techinical side but now they are haveing problems.

Forums will be changed. They will be off 10 pm to finish tomorrow the 17th.  Usually this  takes a couple of hours.  Need to put your present name on forum and the lds name and they will forward the your old contributions to the LDS name.

Technical Problems: On forum name caption under pictures go more to left and right of pictures.

Next problem:  Could all the FHC resources lists for all the individual FHC be put in one location to be searched..  What could that be? A spread sheet could be applied.

A version of Xl is available. Program being used by large FHC that are now being downloaded to use. Also any Special collection could be placed on the FHC pages in the Wiki. With completed Spread sheet we assist in  helping to complete the project more easily.