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Warren, Steve Lyde, Richard Wayne Ferrel, Judy, Charles Smith, James Tanner, Rorie Jenson, J anell, Vasquez, LIise, Don Stingham, Sandra Pond

Edit a Wiki Page-Using I E 9

Warren Jones: To edit a page in I E 9, it apears to remove the  the partion. The problem  I E 9 deleted code.It removed Wiki code and adds code of its own. I trired to remove this code I t would not allow, so I went to Fox fire to edit and it works.

Don Stringham: No  suprise there.

Warren  Jones: Dont use I E 9 to edit.  Use IE 8 or Foxfire.

Steve Lyde: Use crome.

Warren Jones: I have Problems with Crome

Don: I have problems with Foxfire in browsing.

Janes Tanner: Foxfire 3.6 and IE 7 or 8 are best.

Judy: I was teaching a class editing. Trying to teach and the links were not available.  This was thursday all edit links were gone from the page even those to sign in on the edit page.  All edit tools were also gone.  Could not demo for the students.  

Don; I would have to check the individual page the save and the User pages.

Warren: Can you see page now.   Is it still gone?

Judy See all now

Don: Sign in and see if it will work(sorry this is turning in to a support call)

Judy: Sorry have to re-do.

Don: ok

Judy: Also was kicked out, signed in and was timed out.  It does appear again.

Don: Start a log

Warren:  What browser?

Judy: IE 9

SUMMARY:  Suggestion to solve the problem with the use of editing in IE 9; Use Foxfire; Use IE 8,; Use crome;  Use Foxfire 3.6 and I E 7 or 8.  Went through steps to study conclusion ask Judy to keep a log and send to Don.

A New URL to access the Research Wiki to align with the department

Don; Update web server to two https? We will be changing to two Urls as of 20 May 2011.

This will move the Wiki to a new point. Update started movefrom subbased to pathway  based.

Janell Vasquez: Could we keep both?  It is easier for the community.

Don: We understand.  It will  be two years.  The load will require us to move.  We want all community to be ready for the future change.

Janell: The community needs both to stay involved. 

Warren: Path based can take very long.

Janell: The sub based is easier to communicate in.

Judy: Do you have Foxfire?

Warren: Have used foxfire for the last 4 weeks and no problems.

(Discussion on IE 9 problem continues between discussion of 2 URL's  have not included these comments as no new material:  Except, that others get a blank page when when editing or searching for a new page and have to refresh or restart Also you only have a few minutes before a page will time out. both server problems. )

We are creating some Research Community Pages to ask ?'s of each other.

Creating a LIKE BOX like the one on the Illinois page on Facebook

Discussion on how to creat the page either with copy and paste or template. 

(Continuing first dicussion, also dicussion on the meeting house problems,