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Present: Warren Jones, Steve Cotrell, Lynda Dell Avery, Janell Vasquez, Don Stringham,  James Tanner, Judy, Lisa,  Charles Smith,  Ken Knight, Rorie Jenson, Francis Jensen


Discussion Items
Wiki language cutover tonight. Last week's cutover had technical problems so it is now scheduled for tonight. The English Wiki will be set to read only as well as the other language wikis at 22:00 MDT.Warren

Plan to do the switch over tonight . Hope the search issue will be over tonight. Will put message on site about the change and read only 10-12 tonight(may be longer.). Template media wiki page.

The 11 languagesyou will see the other languages at the learn site. Could create the links on a page for all the languages.  Also on the lab site.  Will update this link tomorrow.

Problem on Forum.  Click on forum and add concern. Hope to Hide til this is reviewed.  Goes to Warren and Don, then goes to Molly.

Spam is problem.  Russian put on site.  Same URL or code.

Stub template.  If not logged in gives a request to relog in. Try to edit and this happens.This site is the sorce but can't be edited want to change the wording to be more inviting. All are users. Once you sign in you are a contributor.  Trying to change the wording to sound more inviting. Try to get the info to change the wording to be more friendly.  This comes up for many items. besides not logged in.