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Present: Mark Stummerhays, Judy, Charles Smith, Sandra Pond, Janell Vasquez, Darris Williams, Frances Jensen, Marilyn Markham, Lynda Avery, Rorie Jenson, Cottrell, Dsammy

Problems from last week:

Zero search results.  Then will change later.  Varies with different search engions.  Back button will bring the search items up.  Please call when this happens, Judy.  Will keep eye on.  Sign-in or not does not matter.


Report at Report Search Problems

Problem for all but who can help others that do not know how to report.  Report to Warren or Mark call or sent report feedback.  Chat is open to ask for user problems just have not staffed with missionaries yet.

Another Problem:

Intermet problem with search outside of UTAH.  Warren was going to try to see if this happens for him.

Another problem: 

Go to special pages, recent pages, then click on gallary of files it has been blank then it will come back.  Same as the way Penn is blank.  IT takes time for the pages to get replicated to other servers.  This is all blank.    Mark will get with Don.  Its something to do with the production servers.  These page problems may be related.  Warren and I (Mark) would like to know about this.  The time it takes for a page to replicate varies.  

Another problem:

Type in Sandbox, Ohio and the Civil War comes up  on search for Sandbox.  Others are posrting the

same results.. Will go to Don.

Another Problem:

If there is a space in the User namespace then contributions for this will not be connected.  Don can train in one hour how to fix this problem. 


Is there a way to search the database to get the info on these Users?  Will check them individually please report.

Still problems on some and some have created new accounts to fix. 


This has been going on for 1 and 1/2 year,  Some had to merge some accounts.  Will check with engineers.