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Present:Charles Smith, Janell Vasquez, James Tanner, Jane Colmenares, Rorie Jenson, Lynda Avery, Don Stringham,  Mark Summerhays, Judy, Lise

Questions? Problem with the Templates in side bars and the left template or help box template.  Las Vegas Nevada FSL/Contact Information and Las Vegas Nevada FSL/Contact Information and Help:Editing a Page  Trying to solve the problems with links not working inthe info box and the help box.  Trying to put in a background table to solve the problem James Tanner has offered to solve this problem.  Will try to add padding to the templsate to solve the problem.. Will work on Sana Clara FHC.  Will have to add to all the FHC that are using.  Jane will make a list as we add.

Problem:Judy emails search not working, zero results.  Screen shot to go to ythe problem.and include the time.  It locks and get nothing.  Blank 5 time. Every signed out.  Browser all different but still happens.  Sent all  to Summerhaysmv spects, browser version, search terms, time and page.  Indexes are being updated and not searchable. 

Survay moved last week,  Feedback link in the footer.