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Present: Charles Smith, Rorie Jenson, Janell Vasquez, Warren Jones,  Sandra Pond, Lynda Avery, Judy,  ,  Steve Cottrell,  Don Stringham, James Tanner 

Discussion Items Link at the bottom of the page will go to the top of the page if clicked.  This is being forwarded to Blair.  Foreign patrons have had problem getting through on free number.  Problems seem to be over.

Next problem: How do we get images approved for all the other Wiki's.  September 1 of this year.  The familysearch missionaries are now the only ones.  Contact them. 

How to link to foreign Wiki with English Wiki materials.  Will be available on Sept 1. Will the others recognize the English Wiki most will.  Can go to the other wiki if logged on.  Not sure if all links will be the same.  Sept 15 production date.  To be a moderator in other Languages have to go through the process again. Will need to get list of all on each level for this.

Problem with crome to sign in, a redirectpage,  click on edit to do the present page. Will take to the redirected page. May be the specific page.  May have been fixed on crome. 

Who can fix User Accounts? Space in User names.  Merged the names.  _ still an issue.  Will probly take an major entention to fix.  What is the best things to do.  Use underscores.  Can't merge if they have underscores.

Problem: If you go on the forums go out to others,  the fourth bottom says old site.  Last fix got more then less and will work on others.  Can switch but it will bring back other problems. Was a quick reply, date time stamps, can switch between times but can break.