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Persent:  Janell Jasquez. Lynda Avery, Don Stringham, James tanner, Judy, Ken Knight, Steve Cotrell, Jane Colmenares,  Charles Smith, Warren Jones, Francis Jensen

Discussion Items
Technical Issues & Workarounds

Site Design


End of the year schedule. No change.  Two main goals: getting the 11 languages up and the new conversion.  Work ing out the bugs is the main goal now.  The notification are not going to everyone.  Sammy is not getting any notification.  Items are possibly not being saved.  Check the watch list: items may not be popu;ating.  Watch list page not sending the email. Ned to send a clean up cookies to clear the computors.  Which a site wide message or email.  Wait a few days for the problems to resolve. Check the edit pages. Email to those who have edited in the last month.  Clear all the cookies have solved the problem for some, but no all.  Janell is sending out an email to those who do edits in the last month.