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Present: Warren Jones, Charles Smith, Janell Vasquez, Rishard Wayne, Judy

Farrell, Dsammy, Rorie Jenson, Frances Jensen,

Conversion about 10 languages of the Wiki. 8 about ready.  Nothing on Russian and still working on Italian.  Still problems and issues on some.  We are still adding content to most.  Could somwone post a connect to the independent Swedish Wiki.  Non-FamilySearch wikis.  Janelll will check out.   

Technical Issues & Workarounds

Site Design

Three Meetings Scramble. Please have patience with others coming in from meetings immediately before this meeting. Some matters will be resolved and the members of this meeting will be updated on the progress of headings, contents and MoS. Dsammy 17:23, 28 June 2011 (UTC  Usually only one meeting before was a special issue but recently  another meeting was called to slove a specific issue..  

County Courthouse problem solved, subpage will take place, but now only remaining issue - where the link is to be within the main county page. It is being handled in contributor meeting. Dsammy 20:16, 28 June 2011 (UTC  )  Reviewed and will finish the linking next week.

Ohio and the Civil War  the sandbox doesnot show up on search.   Strange results on search.  Several hve had this problem lately.  Volumn problem?  Could be a correct index.   Will check this out.

Example of another problem.

Http:// a Page a Page

The page getts created when you are tryng to edit a page hwve to resign in and it take you to another page and creates this page. Problem in the system.  If anyone has this result please write down the steps you went through and let us know.

Different between the two Family History Center lists, Wiki and just FamilySearch.  Can link the Hamily History Center link to our Family History Pages.