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Warren Jones, James Tanner, Janell Vasquez, Judy, Lise, Contrelle, Charles Smith, Don Summerham, Sandra Pond, DSammy, Danielle Batson, Wilma Adkins, Steven Lyde, Darris Williams

Technical Issues and Workarounds

Had to block a User and the IP but this resulted in blocking another user(a Wkik Missionary). As of now only block the User.  Problem is the User can re-register under a new name and create more problems.  This so far has been only a very small problem.  Problem with doing IP blocking is others such as in a Libary could be affected.  Recent personal attackes from a User, who was informed of a deletion of a page and the user's further anger after the deletion, brought on the necessity of the block. By clicking the  watch button or making  the personal preference to have all pages worked on marked as watched, we could keep up with all deleted template marked pages.   If a organization or site would attack the Wiki this would be a time the block of IP may be necessary. 

The broken Thumbs up is not yet a high enough priority to be fixed.  We can check on hiding them til they come up for the fix.

Site Design

The re-design is in progress and Blair wants input. The idea is to redesign the Main page to appeal more to the contributors more then the new Users.  The search will be of less size and importance.  All is on the table in the design and use.  Could create a forum thead to discuss. Also could direct ideas to Janell so she can direct them to Ben Bennett and Diane Loosle. Then a sand box will be created for all to see and discuss and contribute to.  Text will combine HTL, Wiki text and Jova text. Concern if Users will find the new and be able to follow the new thread or skin.  Skins for foreign languages will all follow the English.    Concern about the change from the pathbased to the sub-domain.  Discussion about use of color or different tabs to know which is the old and which is the new.  Some felt this color change is only caused by the engion or browser.  Changes to the new URL is planned for 30 to 40 days from now. Discussed the way redirects will be done.  Many hoped it would be a page of info like the change to the New FamilySearch.


As mentioned about the deletion template can be necessary.  The suggestion is that we need to watch the pages. This can be done both by settings and by clicking the button to watch on each page.  The plan to get all pages with a delete template applied have an automatic watch has been tried before and was not used no reason specified.  Concern that the delete template could be removed.  No new discussion.  Finished