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Talk Conventions

  • Please post new messages at the bottom of the page to prevent confusion.
  • Please sign your comments. Type ~~~~ after your text.
  • Please use section headings to separate conversation topics.

See: Wikiquette, Be nice, and Talk page guidelines.

Start a new talk topic.
Please post your comments on this page by clicking the link above. This will automatically format the page so all you have to do is type your comments.

The comments will be consolidated where appropriate and posted on the Project Page.

If you have possible solutions for a posted comment, please share them here as well.

If pertinent to the topic, please include your level of experience with the wiki and your skill level with the "wikitext" editor or the RichEditor (or the VisualEditor in the future),

Organizing the feedback

This page has captured a lot of feedback, but I think it would be helpful to organize it in some way. It appears that many of the comments are responses to certain questions or maybe I'm reading too much into them. --Steve 21:30, 9 November 2009 (UTC)