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Add your comments and ideas on the changes to the county headings for Utah. Be sure to sign with four tildes ~~~. Changes were made to:


  • We won't have any headings with Level 1 or 2. They will all be level 3 or higher

Quick Facts

Level 3 heading. Under it are level 4 headings: Parent counties, Neighboring Counties, Boundary Changes, Record Loss, and History Timeline

  • Added Neighboring Counties to this area. In some of the new thinking, it was part of the Municipalities and Communities template only. We saw this as a needed Quick Fact for most users.
  • Renamed "History" to "History TImeline"

What are YOUR thoughts?

Populated Places

  • Renamed to "Towns and communities in this county"
  • Moved down to just above "References" It was right under Quick Facts
  • The Municipalities and Communties" template appears under this heading. In other states, this template is placed below the "References" heading. In Utah, it will be above "References"

What are YOUR thoughts?