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Playing with Vital Records ideas: More for what people may want to learn, than for VR themselves. Dates affect this profoundly. How to do this without being too repetitious?

Maybe it's not a table.

What if each county page explains types of records that give birth information for the various years, not just explaining the vital records themselves.

Or... what if one page explains types of records that give birth information, and the county pages only have a very small number, with a link to that state page?

The state page could be arranged alpha by topic, or in rough order of likely to give birth info.

Types of records for birth information

Such as: (Maybe this can be a chart, since it won't need much added to it except by quite experienced people.)

Columns: Type of record; Date of record; Birth date or age; Birth town or county; Birth state or country; name of father; given name of mother; maiden name of mother. Death records (varies by date of death records) usually give age or birth date, birth town or county and state

Record type Record dates Birth date or age Birth town or county Name of father Given name of mother Maiden name of mother Remarks
Death (Civil) 1892–1905 Usually Usually Usually Usually Frequently Register of deaths
Death (Civil) 1905–present Usually Usually Usually Usually Frequently Death certificates
Church membership (Mormon) 1857–1948 Usually Usually Usually Usually Often Ward/branch records
Church blessing (Mormon) 1857–1948 Usually Usually Usually Usually Usually Ward/branch records
Church baptism, etc. (Mormon) 1905–1948 Usually Usually Usually Usually Usually Form E report
Obituaries 1880's–present Usually Usually Usually Usually Frequently See newspapers
Cemetery records 1860's–present Usually Sometimes Seldom Seldom Seldom Tombstones and sexton's

Like about the table: level of detail it can give

Don't like:

  • Too complicated.
  • Not fun to peruse
  • Not clear that it is in order of best records

Is there another way to present the good info that is less complicated, easy to understand, and actually fun to use?

What if we simply pointed to the type of record, and have a (state level?) page that gives the detail for that record at various dates?

  • It will have to include MORE info than just birth.

Record selection table for birth information

Or is it more like the record selection table?

To learn First Search Then Search
Birth Date and Place
Names of Parents