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The union consisted of the following parishes:  Barford, NorfolkBarnham Broom, NorfolkBawburgh, Norfolk, Bowthorpe, NorfolkBrandon Parva, NorfolkCarleton Forehoe, NorfolkColton, NorfolkCostessey, NorfolkCoston, Norfolk, Crownthorpe, NorfolkDeopham, NorfolkEaston, NorfolkHackford, NorfolkHingham, NorfolkKimberley, NorfolkMarlingford, NorfolkMorley St Botolph, NorfolkMorley St Peter, NorfolkRunhall, Norfolk, Welbourne ,  Wicklewood, NorfolkWramplingham, Norfolk, Wymondham, Norfolk.


Norfolk Record Office reference C/GP 8
Records of the Forehoe Poor Law Union
Date 1780-1948
Extent 249 pieces

All 24 parishes in Forehoe Hundred, except Honingham were incorporated under the terms of An Act for the better relief and employment of the poor within the hundred of Forehoe, 16 Geo. III, cap. 9, 1776 (subsequently reinforced by a number of later acts (see 'Norfolk Bibliography', no. 4159). A House of Industry was erected at Wicklewood, the necessary capital being raised on a tontine scheme. According to White's Directory of Norfolk, 1845: "The 'Board of Directors and Acting Guardians' are still governed by their own local act of Parliament, though they have conformed to some of the regulations of the New Poor Law". Forehoe Union Board of Guardians was replaced by Guardians Committee No. 5 in 1930. In 1948 the Wicklewood Institution was taken over by the central government and administered as Hill House Hospital Wicklewood.

Received by the Norfolk Record Office on 15 May 1972 (C/GP 8/94) and on an unknown date.
AccessConditions Some of the records are closed for 100 years.
Copies C/GP 8/3-29, 31, 76-87, 95, 114-121, 197-220, 228-229.
RelatedMaterial See also H 1. For 'State of Forehoe Hundred House of Industry from the first institution until Midsummer 1782': accounts, 1778-1782, see KIM box 14 No. 94. For records of this body (including administration of Wicklewood and Swainsthorpe Public Assistance Institutions, out-relief and boarding-out of children), see C/GC 5.