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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.



Center Contacts and Hours 

Location Map:


  • 1880 Gettysburg Avenue, Clovis CA 93611, United States


  • English


  • (559) 291-2448


Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Center

Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Holiday Schedule:

  • Closed: Major national holidays, Christmas season.

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Calendar and Events

Fresno East Stake Temple and Family History Consultant Training

7:00 PM, Sunday, To Be Announced, 2017, Family History Center, 1880 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis

Topic: To be announced...

Online Training Resources

RootsTech 2016 Video Archive

DID YOU MISS THE ROOTSTECH 2016 CONFERENCE? Check out below for links to the video archive list and also for selected syllabi from the conference.

NOTE: All the links below will take you to the RootsTech 2016 Video Archive page, but you will have to find the desired video and click on the picture to view it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Selected Syllabi from RootsTech 2016

RootsTech 2015 Video Archive - General Interest Classes

RootsTech 2015 Video Archive - LDS Classes

  • Branching Out: Useful tools to help you find more names in your family tree  (Handout)
  • Find Names and Strengthen Your Family with the My Family Booklet  (Handout)
  • Finding Missing People in your Family Trees  (Handout)
  • Consultant Training - Different People, Different Trees: Teaching to Individual Needs  (Handout)
  • and many more!

The above classes may be viewed from the RootsTech 2015 Video Archive website

New On Line Temple and Family History Consultant Training

This course has six different modules to be completed by the new consultant.

Click here to view the course menu of the following:

  1. Understand Your Purpose: Find, Take, Teach (15 minutes)
  2. Start your Family Tree (15 minutes)
  3. Grow Your family Tree (15 minutes)
  4. Find Your Cousins (15 minutes)
  5. Turn the Hearts (15 minutes)
  6. Teach others (30 minutes) . All newly called Ward temple and family history consultants should complete this on line training

Link: New Consultant Training

FamilySearch Learning Center

Did you know that you can take courses on how to do family history research right here on These courses are but one of our hidden gems.

Our new Learning Center makes it easier for you to find courses of interest to you. You can search by keywords and use filters. The Learning Center also highlights recommended and popular courses.

Learning Center

Staff Training Meetings

Fresno East Stake Temple and Family History Consultant Training

7:00 PM, Sunday,To be announced, 2017, Family History Center, 1880 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis

No meeting in December 2016

Topic: To be announced...

Top 10 Things to Learn

Here are the Top 10 Things that every consultant needs to know and be able to teach Family History and to be effective Temple and Family History Consultants.

Discovering My Eternal Family

Discovering My Eternal Family: Find, Take, Teach - Choose a strategy based on the size of your family tree to find names.

Helping Others to Love Family History - A resource to prepare a personalized lesson plan that will help a family or individual have a Find, Take, Teach experience.

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Center Resources

How-to Resources for Temple and Family History Consultants


  • FamilySearch Catalog: This center has the ability to order any of the films and fiche available through the FamilySearch Catalog.

Databases and Software

  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions.

Hardware and Equipment

  • Our Family History Center has 18 separate computer stations; one microfilm copier; two microfilm readers; one microfiche reader, and a copy/scanning machine.
Thanks to the efforts of Dennis McCauley and Bill Holden, we have one of the best family history centers in the Fresno Region. The Stake has recently increased the capacity of our internet bandwidth so our computers are able to connect much quicker to family history websites than in the past.

Due to the large number of individual computer stations, our Center offers an excellent facility to bring groups of ten to fifteen individuals at a time for family history training. We would request that if your Priesthood Quorum, or mutual class, or other organization bring in a group for training purposes, that you call Brother Steve Mecham, the Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Center, at (559) 291-7363, so that we can schedule adequate staff to assist patrons on a one-to-one basis.

For youth groups, we request that the youth have their LDS accounts set up before coming to the Family History Center so that time may be more fully devoted to helping them find names to take to the temple rather than setting up their accounts. Both and use the same username and password, so only one account is needed.

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Staff Research Specialists

  • Mark and Cathy McOmber, Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing, (559) 294-9137
  • Elder David Grenier, FamilySearch Support Missionary, works Thursday night at FHC, (559) 297-1345,
  • Rebecca Shiner, Eastern Prussia, Great Britain Research, (559) 346-1390
  • Leon Papin, French Canadian Research, (559) 346-9620
  • Jane Moffitt, Great Britain Research, works Tuesday mornings at FHC, (559) 412-4267
  • Bill Vaughn, Fresno East Stake FHC printing specialist, works Thursday nights at FHC, (559) 298-8345
  • Bill and Patty Vaughn, Fresno East Stake Temple and Family History Consultant Trainers, (559) 298-8345
  • Jana Last, Family History Blogger specialist, (559) 291-6375
  • Steve Mecham, Research, works Wednesday evenings at FHC, (559) 291-7363
  • Jan Gedtis, Tenn, North Carolina, Virgina, DAR genie, Legacy software, works Wednesday, (559) 875-3409
  • Carolee Hansen, New England, PA, Mayflower and DAR, Legacy software, works T, W, Thurs, (559)  301-5585
  • Carmen Zarco, Hispanic Research, (559) 618-2568,

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Local Resources

Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society of Central California

Our Mission: Our commitment to the African and African American community is to increase historical identification to families of African descent by building relationships with local and national historians. As well to continue promoting scholarly research and networking common to African Americans.

Our Goals: Our goal is to bring awareness of African-American History through....

  • Research
  • Study
  • Collaboration
  • Documentation

... and to preserve the history and heritage of the people in the Central Valley of African descent

Contact information:
Denise Lancaster-Young, President
P.O. Box 9161
Fresno, California, 93790
Phone: (559) 213-7602


Daughters of the American Revolution
Motto: God, Home and Country
Objectives: Historic Preservation, Patriotism, Education
Eligibility: Women, age 18 or more, who can prove lineal, blood line descent from an ancestor who helped achieve American Independence.

Acceptable Service:
• Signer of Declaration of Independence
• Patriotic Service (varied)
• Military Service from 19 April 1775 to 26 November 1783
• Civil Service under authority of Provisional or New State Governments

Local Contact: Corky Peterson
Phone: 559-322-1743 E-mail:
National Website:

Mayflower Society
Any person able to document their descent from one or more of the following Mayflower Pilgrims is eligible to apply for membership in the Mayflower Society:

John Alden
Francis Eaton
Thomas Rogers
Isaac Allerton
Moses Fletcher
Henry Samson
John Billington
Edward Fuller
George Soule
William Bradford
Samuel Fuller
Myles Standish
William Brewster
Stephen Hopkins
John Tilley
Peter Browne
John Howland
Richard Warren
James Chilton
Richard More
William White
Francis Cooke
William Mullins
Edward Winslow
Edward Doty
Degory Priest

The San Joaquin Colony meets three times a year in the city of Fresno, California. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mayflower Society, please contact:

San Joaquin Colony
Corky Peterson

National website:

Sons of the American Revolution
The Sons of the American Revolution is the leading male lineage society that perpetuates the ideals of the war for independence. As a historical, educational, and patriotic, non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, we seek to maintain and expand the meaning of patriotism, respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship, and the unifying force of “e pluribus unum” that was created from the people of many nations—one nation and one people.

For more information about the Fresno Chapter of SAR please contact:
Rob Bell, (559) 240-6044,
Jim Dane

National website:

American Historical Society of Germans From Russia

Their purpose is purely historical by doing genealogical research of our German from Russia forefathers, as well as reuniting with living relatives, recording and preserving historical facts.

Genealogy Research Library and Museum

Library Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m., Closed Saturday to Monday

Tours and/or Personal Research by appointment

Central California Chapter, 3233 N. West Ave, Fresno, CA 93705-3402

Phone: (559) 229-8287 Email: 


The Heritage Center ~San Joaquin Valley Heritage and Genealogical Center

Central Branch - 2420 Mariposa Street, Fresno, CA. (559) 600-6230


  • Monday - Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday, Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 12 noon to 5:00 pm


  • California vital record indexes, censuses Great Registers
  • City Directories and Telephone Books for Fresno and more
  • Obituary File
  • Yearbooks from local area schools and colleges
  • Online resources including ancestry library edition
  • Newspapers: local and California dating back to the 1850s
  • Maps: Fresno, San Joaquin Valley and parts of California
  • Postcard and Photograph collection
  • William Saroyan Collection
  • Oral Histories

For a more complete list of Resources, visit their website.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

C.L. Fancher Camp meets in Clovis on the third Thursday at noon.

Lydia McCauley Camp meets in Fresno on the 2nd Thursday at 10:30 am.

Camp Sugar Pine meets in Oakhurst on the 2nd Monday at noon.

For more information, contact Sonja Kland, (559) 224-5236

International Society of Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 300 N. Main, Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1699


Fresno County Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 1429, Fresno, CA 93716-1429; (559) 600-6230

FCGS meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in Feb-July, Sept and Nov. at 6:30 pm in the Woodward Park Library, 944 E. Perrin (at Champlain), Fresno.

Meetings feature speakers on a variety of topics of genealogical and historical interest.


Vasa Order of America

The Vasa Order of America was organized in 1895 as a benevolent group for Swedish immigrants. Now over 100 years old, the role has evolved into a fraternal organization, which provides a social focal point to preserve and foster the Scandinavian heritage. the order provides not only a social setting for the gathering of Scandinavians, but also provides cultural programs, craft groups, music and dancing, language classes, scholarships, celebrations of holidays and traditions, and an official Vasa new publication. Membership is open to all persons of Scandinavian birth, ancestry, or affiliation by marriage.

Vasa Norden Lodge #684

The Vasa local lodge covering the central San Joaquin Valley is Norden Lodge #684. Visitors are welcome at our meetings. Although meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month, we suggest that you call ahead to confirm the specific meeting time and location.

For further information please contact Corky or Mike Peterson at:

Want to make a donation to the Church History Library?

Contact Church History Library Donations;

Acquisitions hotline 1-801-240-5696. Will accept journals, manuscripts, books, letters, museum items with historical value with LDS content. E-mail inquiries to:


FamilySearch Blog What's new in FamilySearch!

Join the Cause! Index Every Marriage Record in the United States - The U.S. Marriages Project, a joint initiative between and, is actively working to save the marriage records from every state in the United States.

141 Million New Ancestor Hints Added to FamilySearch Family Tree

FamilySearch: Past, Present, and Future

3 Reasons German Research Is Easier Than You Think

5 Online Resources to Help You Find Your Immigrant Ancestors

5 Tips for Finding Your British Ancestors

5 Simple Ways to Add Details to Your Family Story

New Features: Search Genealogy Records on the Web's Largest Sites

On the Person Page of each of your ancestors in FamilySearch Family Tree there are now three additional genealogy sites you can access for a genealogy records search.

In addition to FamilySearch (naturally) you will find logos for three of the largest family history websites,,, and A simple click on any of the logos takes you to that site and initiates a global search of that site’s records. When you arrive at the site, you are already looking at the results of your search. Search results are based on whatever information you have for that person in FamilySearch Family Tree, so names, birth date, spouse name, etc. It is a simple and efficient way to search vast databases of genealogically relevant information with a single click.

Go to FamilySearch Family Tree and try it out on our own person page. From there you can jump around to ancestors and try searching genealogy records on the other sites to see what you can find. This is bound to speed up your research, and you just might discover records you have never seen before.

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National Government Genealogical Resources

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

A little known program of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides genealogy information that may be difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere. The records include naturalization files, visa applications, and citizenship tests, and may reveal family secrets and mysteries. In addition to relatives, historians or researchers can also request files.

Under the USCIS Genealogy Program, which started in 2008, requests are usually completed within 30 days. The government will run a search of the name, as long as the person is deceased. If there are records available, the government charges additional fees for the files. The fee for a record copy from microfilm identified as (M) is $20 per request. The fee for a copy of a hard copy file identified as (HC) is $35 per request. More information about the fees associated with each file series may be found at USCIS Government History Genealogy Records.

The documents typically include immigration information, often (but not always) including exact hometowns in their ancestors native countries. The files often have information on brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. Many times it is useful to obtain the records of your uncles, aunts, and cousins who also immigrated from "the old country."

If the immigrant applied for American citizenship, the details are also included in these files. For anyone of Japanese, German, or Italian origin who lived in the United States during World War II, the documents often include FBI reports about the person's activities, including friends, family, and political activities.

For more information about the program, check out USCIS Government Genealogy.

FamilySearch Hispanic Research Resources


FamilySearch Partner Websites

LDS Church Members - Create your personal accounts with,,, and for FREE. Go to Familysearch Partner Access to get your free LDS accounts. For more information on how to use your free accounts, go to the FamilySearch Help Center. Discover unknown ancestors in a collection of over 20,000 digitized family and local history publications from around the world.  Preserve your printed family history for generations and share it without making paper copies. When you use scan-on-demand, you keep the original and FamilySearch makes a high-quality digital copy and preserves it no matter how technology changes. Questions? send an e-mail to

Download free e-book "48 Research Tips" from Family Tree University at:
Free e-Book: 48 Search Tips

The Family History Guide

What is "The Family History Guide"?
The Family History Guide is a new website that represents a best-in-class learning environment for family history. Its scope is broad, but its focus is narrow enough to help you achieve your goals, step by step. Whether you're brand new to family history or a seasoned researcher - or somewhere in between - The Family History Guide can be your difference maker.

Unique features you'll find on the site:

Over 350 Goals for learning, supported by over 600 flexible Choices

  • Step-by-step instructions to make learning easier
  • Links to over 1,000 videos and articles from FamilySearch, Ancestry, and more
  • Quick-links to search records from multiple sources
  • Project Tracker sheets and Classroom materials for self-study or group instruction

Check out the website at: The Family History Guide

Turning Hearts to the Father Discovery Day 2016 Event

"Turning Hearts to the Fathers" Discovery Day"

Fresno California East Stake Center, 1880 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis, CA

Saturday, February 27, 2016

8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Goals of this event:

1. To ignite the Spirit of Elijah in the Hearts of the patrons as they participate in this event.

2. Emphasize how much easier family history work has become, everyone can do it!

3. Emphasize the role of the temple and family history consultant as the "go to person" who can do one-on-one training with the individual member.

4. Have something available for every member of the family.

Register Online

For full details about the event and to register, visit our new Turning Hearts to the Fathers" Discovery Day  website. Click on the REGISTER button to register and sign-up for classes.

For assistance on using the website, see the step-by-step tutorial, starting on page 7.

Schedule of Events, Map, Exhibitors

Click here for the Schedule, map and list of Exhibitors

Class Syllabi

For Mary Moore's class, Introduction to Family Tree and New Hints:

Putting Photos/Documents as Memories in FamilySearch Family Tree by Bill Vaughn

How to Get the Most Out of Your Free LDS Account by Steve Mecham

What is the Freedmen's Bureau Records Indexing Project? 

Indexing Freedmen's Bureau Records

Computers 101 - Using Computers for Family History by Dave Grenier

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy Emma Young summarizing Diahan Southard

Find a Grave Beginner handout by J.C. Forester

Find a Grave Quickee handout by J.C. Forester

Finding Names to Take to the Temple

My Work is All Done- a PowerPoint presentation by Steve Mecham

Print Family Ordinance Cards at Home by Jim Ericson

Family History Blogs and Social Mediaby Jana Last

Genealogy Software Programs for PCsby Robert Givens

Uploading and Changing Pictures in Family Tree

Introduction to Hispanic Research

Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances by Jane Loveland Moffitt

Usage of other Family History Partner Websites by Jane Loveland Moffitt - a 4-page handout by Riverton FamilySearch Library - a 4-page handout  by Riverton FamilySearch Library - a 6-page handout  by Riverton FamilySearch Library

My Family History Passport

Fresno West Stake 30-day Challenge and Discovery Day 2016


Discover Your Family Day

Syllabus, Prepared by participants of the event from the Fresno, Fresno East, and Fresno West Stakes, held at the Fresno West Stake Center, May 16, 2015.

Mary Moore's Corner

These are links to several handouts used by Mary in her family history classes, prepared by Riverton FamilySearch Library.

Computer Tips and Tricks by Dave Grenier

Family History Learning

Family History Learning, presented by Oakland Family History Center with an emphasis on being easy and logical so you can quickly become proficient in basic techniques and thus move towards becoming an advanced researcher. In addition, consultants, staff and teachers will find new and useful tools that will help them with their own teaching and research techniques.

BYU Relative Finder

BYU Relative Finder is a website where you can see how you are related to other Fresno area stake members, and even the world. Discover connections between you, presidents, prophets, famous people, and your families.

Go to Sign in with your FamilySearch username and password, then click Groups and Join. Type "fresno" to search for groups in Fresno, then click the Search button. Click the Add button by the group you want to join. Type the group password from the table below, then click the Join button. You can join more than one group. Have fun exploring Relative Finder!

Group Name Group Password
Fresno CA East Stake Fowler
Fresno Stake
Fresno North Stake 1234
Fresno West Stake sierra

(Group names and passwords verified 12/17/15. dg)

BYU 48th Annual Conference on Family History and Genealogy

View syllabus for the July 26-29, 2016 Conference 644 pages (PDF)

"5 Minute Genealogy" Video Series

These are no longer available in the Learning Center. They may now be found in the Gospel Library app, under Temple and Family History, as Beginning Research.

Making Family History Fun for Children

Family History Fun - Friend, February 2011

Extra, Extra! - Friend, March 2012

FamilySearch Sleuth - Friend, July 2013

Grandma's Trunk - Friend, May 2006

My Family Tree - Friend, October 2009

Seek and Find - Friend, March 1982

Sharing Time: "The Heart of the Children" - Liahona, August 2002

Build Your Family Tree now! - Family Tree Kids Magazine

Miscellaneous Links

Tour the Boards: Finding Clues in Genealogy Forums & Message Boards
Message Boards

FamilySearch Blog: How to Submit Temple names through
Submit Names Temple

New Audio File Feature Helps You Teach Others About Their Ancestors
FamilySearch Memories: Audio Files

Need some help getting your members engaged in Family History? This webinar series explores new tools and techniques for motivating members with Family History and temple work.
Consultant Webinar Series

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Family History Center Volunteers

Ward and Stake Temple and Family History Consultant Positions

Academy Ward

Temple and Family History Consultant
Bill Holden, (559) 593-0441,
Meghan Christopherson, (559)-259 3705,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing

Cedarwood Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Doug Garside, (559) 392-2179,
Ben Hutchason, (559) 408-4512,
Mary Luke, (559) 240-7706,
Siegfried and Linda Jaeckel, (559) 325-0484,
Steve and Linda Saunders, (559) 298-3528,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
Doug Garside, (559) 392-2179,

Clovis Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Kathy Nankervis, (559) 230-9740,
David Grenier, (559) 297-1345,
Brittany Ryan, (559) 472-8623,
Ryan Elison, (559) 274-2981,
Jill Shelley, (559) 297-8284,
Sarah Schatz, (863) 398-5659

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
David Grenier, (559) 297-1345,

Dakota Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Brian and Candice Hunt (559) 412-4657,
Doug Salin, (559) 314-5430,

Youth Temple and Family History Consultant
Emma Ward,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
Theron and Ingrid Toler, (559) 294-7682,

Kings Canyon Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Lisa Gifford, (559) 252-4866
Teela Hamilton, (559) 840-8809,
Rachelle Hardy, (559) 281-7947,
Katie Haroldson, (559) 577-7470,
Bonnie Harris, (559) 960-9061,
Tamara Lainez, (559) 400-5718,
Bounthay Linthalath, (559) 652-6138,
Michael Ohler, (559) 273-7341,
Joseph Patrick Wirth, (559) 455-9267,

Youth Temple and Family History Consultants
Kassandra Cordova, (559) 441-7108
Andrew Henry, (559) 449-3486
Porter Mounsevath,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
Rachelle Hardy, (559) 281-7947,

McKinley Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
JoNell Dustin, (559) 312-7146
Melanie Keasler, (559) 251-4405,
Jana Last, (559) 260-2592,
David Viau, (559) 454-0684,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
David Viau, (559) 454-0684,

Redbank Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Tim and Jeannine Butler (559-492-3892,;
Kimberly Calaway. (559) 323-8585,
Patrick and Sonya Comstock (559-790-5238),
Jack and Shirley Runyan, (818) 632-1040,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing

Sanger Ward

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Center
Ken and Sherry Reed, (559) 875-5025,

Temple and Family History Consultants
Sandra Gorham, (559) 978-9170,
Fred Heizman, (559) 394-7654
Linda Lowney, (760) 265-4979


Sierra Vista Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
David Hatch, (559) 313-9148,
Susan Koch, (559) 593-982,
Jane Moffitt, (559) 412-4267,
Mary Moore,(559) 779-0546,

Youth Temple and Family History Consultants
Jeremy Huey, (559) 301-4612,;
Kay Makely, (559) 421-5906,
McKenzie Shepard, (559) 477-7220
Nathan Tanner, (559) 291-0304,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
Claudia Call, (559) 908-0692,

Ventura Ward

Temple and Family History Consultants
Carmen Zarco, Leader, (559) 618-2568,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing

Community Temple and Family History Consultants

Carolee Hansen, (559) 301-5585,
Jan Gerdts, (559) 875-3409,

Stake Family History Center Callings

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Center
Steve Mecham, (559) 291-7363,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Center Assistant
Louise Marie Baird, (559) 454-8657,
William Arthur Baird, (559) 454-8657
Linda Jaeckel, (559) 999-6514

Sig Jaeckel, (559) 960-8887,
Karen Mecham, (559) 284-1185,

Sherry Reed, (559) 875-5025
Don Shroyer, (559) 647-3717,
Nancy Shroyer, (559) 313-8899,
Bill Vaughn, (559) 298-8345,'
Patty Vaughn, (559) 297-7000,

Temple and Family History Consultant Trainers
Bill Vaughn, (559) 298-8345,
Patty Vaughn, (559) 297-7000,

Stake Temple and Family History Consultant - Indexing
Mark McOmber, (559) 294-9137,
Cathy McOmber, (559) 360-5246

Temple and Family History Youth Consultant Service Missionary

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