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India is the world's second largest country by population size. The national government recognizes 14 languages as official languages of the nation, although over 85 languages and dialects are spoken within the national borders. This presents unique challenges for the genealogist and family historian who may not speak English in obtaining software to manage their records.


English is one of the official languages of India. Therefore, many can use a genealogy record management program whose screens are written in English. There are many programs available such as Ancestral Quest, RootsMagic, and Legacy, and Personal Ancestral File. It is unclear which programs may be available for purchase by users in India whether online or at retail, but Personal Ancestral File is available as a free download at .

Other Language Options

However, not all people in India speak English, so the above options are not always the best for their situation. There are software programs to help the non-English speaking genealogist and family historian such as those who speak Hindi or any of the other languages. Some may have languages spoken by a few people there, but other programs may only be available in the language needed by the user.

Non-English Software Programs Available

Outside of commercially-available Western European language software, and Personal Ancestral File, which also along with several of those languages, has Chinese and Japanese versions, there are programs that only have the language or languages needed by those who only speak the specific language. This section lists those programs. When adding a software title, indicate after the URL which language or language the software is available in. Hindi