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Known Issues

NOTE: Many Germany indexed death and burial records include in the Death Place name, a reference to Evangelisch or Katholisch. These terms are religious affiliations (Protestant or Catholic), not place names.

Question #1: Records that were previously viewed in this collection may not currently be available. Where can these missing records be found?
Answer #1: If a record is no longer available in this collection, try searching the International Genealogical Index (IGI) page, selecting both the Community Indexed IGI and Community Contributed IGI record sets.

Question #2: When searching through these records, sometimes the film number is incorrect. How may I determine which are incorrect? What is the correct film number?
Answer #2: Please see the following for correct film numbers:

  • Batch #: B03683-7 (Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany) gives the wrong film number, 185158 Heiraten 1907-1915. The correct film # is 185139 Tote 1817-1861 (Evangelische Kirche. Kreuzkirche Sankt Crucis Hannover).
  • Batch #:B03721-0 gives the wrong film number, 70154 (Berlin, Brandenburg, Preußen). The correct film # is 70138 (Berlin, Brandenburg, Preußen).

Question #3: When searching in the collection, I found my ancestors listed with a death place of Beidendorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. I believe Kottweiler-Schwanden, Bayern, Germany is the correct death place. How can I search when the death place is wrong?
Answer #3: It is possible that Kottweiler-Schwanden, Bayern, Germany is the correct death place. You will have to check the source film found in the record detail page to verify the locality.

Question #4: The search results for Batch B93115-2 are for a death place of Holzquenz, Schwaben, Bavaria. Is that correct?
Answer #4: The Film 816573 associated with Batch B93115-2, lists the correct spelling as Holzgünz, also referred to as Holzgünz, Schwaben, Bayern, Germany.

Question #5: When searching Batch B01791-5, I get Germany Deaths and Burials, 1582-1958 and the details page gives the source film as 1049798, the location is Bargen (A.Sinsheim),Baden,Germany. But when I look at the film, sometimes I cannot find the image because it is not within the date range of the film. How do I find the other dates that are not on this film?
Answer #5: If your details page says the source film number is 1049798, but the image and/or the year range is not on the film, go to film number 187172. These images are earlier, beginning in 1689 and are from Katholische Kirche Honnef am Rhein (Siegkreis). The details pages have incorrect information in some cases.

Question #6: Death records associated with Film 815860 have no death place listed; a few records have a burial place. What is the correct death locality?
Answer #6: A general search by Film 815860 yields records with event place of Senden, Baden, Germany; however, per Standard finder, there is no such locality of Senden, Baden, Germany. The correct locality is Senden, Neu-Ulm, Bayern, Germany.

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