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 Technology has changed the way we build our family trees.

In this computerized society starting your family tree is at your fingertips. With the click of a mouse and a good browser (Mozilla Firefox works best here) you are ready to begin. On FamilySearch, you can build your family tree and on the FamilySearch Research Wiki you will find the records that you need at no expense...ever. As your tree grows, you will be connected to information from other trees that also contain your ancestors. You'll find that growing your family tree is easy, and rewarding. It's simple; it's easy; and it's free.

Get started...right now.

Get started by going to  In the upper right corner, you'll see "Sign In/Join for free".  It will be necessary for you to provide a username and a password so that each time you come to this site you will be able to access the information that you have entered into your tree. Once signed in get started by entering the information that you already know. will not allow you to research ancestors or descendants who are still living, so be sure to start your tree with your nearest ancestors who have passed on.  As your information is collected, the site will begin the construction of the tree.

Paper Based Data

If you prefer to build a paper-based tree or find ways to use a personal data base there are Wiki articles to help you. start here