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Gimsing Church is in Gimsing on the southern outskirts of Struer. The church was built in the period 1157-1241. Gimsing Church records date back to 1689 in Denmark. A so-called coal Church, i.e. a church without a tower, built in granitkvadersten. Church's baptismal font is made of Norwegian steatite in the form of a four-leaf clover and is the oldest inventory. The bell dates from the 1200s. Altar Panel, altarpiece, pulpit, gallary and the oldest benches from about 1600. The nave is a model of the bark Thyra from 1869. The organ was built in 1968 by TH. Frobenius and sons Orgelbyggeri A / S. It is important for record searching to note neighboring Struer Church began construction in 1891 and the Gimsing Sogn and Parish boundaries were divided Gimsing/Struer. Struer Church record keeping begins in 1894.

Place Names:

Dalbygaard, Dalbymark, Gimsing, Gimsing Kirke, Hillersborg, Hundsballe, Keldsmark, Kvistrup, Movstgaarde, Nørgaard, Nørskovhus, Trudsø, Vestergaard, Vester Ringkøbing,
Søndergaard, Ørumgaard, Østerby

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